April Fool's Day


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Does Disney do anything for April Fool's Day at the parks?Ev

Yes. When you look at the attraction wait times board at epcot it says 5 minute wait for soarin.:wave:


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I have only spent one April Fools Day in the parks, but the only thing I ever noticed was special edition pins being sold. :shrug:


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Congatulations! You won a stay in the Cinderella Dream Suite!
... just kidding! Here's a hat.

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They move all the dolls from It's a Small World into the Philharmagic theater and swap the Haunted Mansion and Hall of Presidents soundtracks.


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When you go to the food counter and order chicken strips, and you receive little bite size pieces of chicken. hmmmmmmmmmm

Pioneer Hall

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Haha...good ideas. Disney wouldn't do anything truly prank like for the day since no matter what someone would be offended by it. People would go to guest relations and complain and it wouldn't be worth it. So, April 1st is business like usual at the parks. And, like a PP said, you can get a special pin that probably came out two weeks ago.


Only thing I've ever seen was special edition pins...if you are a pin collector I'd suggest to pick them up.

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