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Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?


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"Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?"

I mean, I'm pretty sure I will after visiting Galaxy's Edge...




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My guess? Nothing, or at least nothing more substantial than show changes or a re-skin of Star Tours.

After spending this amount of money, management will likely think of DHS as being finished and move on to something else.
Launch bay and star tours will be somewhat out of place. Some of the shows will be re-done. There’s still significant work to ‘finish’ DHS.
Focus will turn to EPCOT, hopefully. Only a few more years until its 40th.

That said, Disney Studios itself will probably begin the Fox immersion once that deal is finished.

And I still think we need a land devoted to the Muppets at DHS, even if it's a pipe dream.
Agree on Epcot. I have grand ideas of the tech that could be shown in Future world, but am pessimistic that edutainment will be he focus. Guardians and ratatouille will be a big start.

Incorporating Fox will be a bigger deal than people think. It cost $8B for both Lucasfilm and Marvel combined. Fox is close to 10X that. There is going to be a lot of managerial jockeying and finding of ‘synergies’.

They’ve also announced a ton of improvements to the overseas parks.

Changes to be MK after the 50th? I think they’d want to get as much in before it and then let it settle. To a lesser degree with Epcot and the 40th the next year.

When will the Star Wars hotel open? I’d guess with the increased attendance we’ll get even more additional hotels & dvc.

I’d like to see a resort wide move to increase transit and reduce cars. Gondolas will help, but just getting more buses to reduce wait times would go a long way.

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