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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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If after all these years, Mary Poppins is finally given an attraction and it turns out to be only a merry-go-round I might have my first real WDW meltdown. LOL :hilarious:
Funny. I picture you having a daily WDW meltdown. Mascara running. Martini sloshing. Score from the scene where Bambi's mom won't wake up playing in the background...
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@marni1971 I recall you mentioning two pairs of competing IP’s for France & UK. Obviously Rat won out on the France end, but was Brave always the other IP against Poppins?


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Mary Poppins was my first choice personally, so I'm super happy. Although I love a good E-ticket, I would prefer rides not over-shadow the pavilions themselves. This will be a great addition to Epcot and more in line to what I think rides in the WS should be like, if they choose to add them in the future.
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