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The first two links are videos

I mean, I like this better than the ride if I'm being honest.


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maybe all the hotels on harbour blvd will be for sale and disney can buy them up for expansion/3rd gate?????

not really though


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It’s interesting watching Moderate democrats duke it out with Progresssive democrats in that state
Hey, here in Anaheim, we have a Republican Mayor backing a Progressive Democratic Slate.

And we have another group of Republican's supporting a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent.

Strange times.
Even the MacDonald's across from Tomorrowland is still closed with an aged "Reopening Soon" banner tattering as cars fly by.
I'm really surprised to learn that the McDonald's on Harbor remains closed now and even more shocked that it closed at all. There still has to be plenty of traffic on Harbor to support this business. Many fast-food restaurants have done surprisingly well with drive-thru sales throughout the pandemic. While many Americans have opted out of dining in, they are still dining out.

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The first two links are videos

This is a better display then what is currently down the road at DCA.
These stationary fish at least light up and have multiple dimensions.



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