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Politics Anaheim Businesses Worry About Going Under if Governor Keeps Disneyland Closed - Spectrum News

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The Honorable Gavin Newsom
State of California
California State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, California 95814

Dear Governor Newsom

Today, the California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly issued guidelines for the reopening of Disneyland, permitting the park to reopen at 25% capacity once Orange County reaches Tier 4. According to Orange County's Public Health Officer Clayton Chau, Tier 4 may be obtainable by the Summer of 2021.

The residents of central Orange County are hard-working, blue-collar taxpayers. Tourism is the cornerstone of our economy. Disneyland has about 30,000 employees, the vast majority being members of local unions. Additionally, local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses rely directly on tourism. We need Disneyland and other California businesses to reopen in a scientifically proven safe manner as we seek to survive economically.

The Coalition of Resort Labor Unions sent you a letter on October 17 that stated, "…we believe that a path exists where Disneyland would be able to open safely when Orange County moves into the Orange list [Tier 3]." Although uncertain, we expect that Tier 3 can be obtained in early 2021.

The letter further states, "…in our view, the effectiveness of public health agencies in addressing COVID-19 would benefit from coordination with worker representatives like ours that have practical knowledge and expertise regarding the challenges of addressing exposure risk..."

I ask you to direct your reopening task force to work with representatives of resort workers who are working in the resort day-to-day.

As previously stated, it is imperative that we reopen California and Disneyland in a scientifically safe way. Such a process needs to include the local workers that we want to protect. Neither Disneyland employees nor their representatives were consulted. These decisions are difficult, and much is at stake. That's why the "boots on the ground" must be part of the decision-making.

Since this pandemic started, I have been working non-stop in making sure that my constituents get a box of food to eat. But my constituents do not want a handout. They need a job and the ability to support their families.

I call on you to meet with our local labor and small business leaders and Disneyland to reach a scientifically safe way to reopen under Tier 3. My friends' and neighbors' health and well-being, many of whom I grew up with, are at stake. Orange County stands ready to work with you and the State of California to get our community back to work safely.


J. Luis Correa

Member of Congress<<


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Keep in mind he had his winery open the whole time, his kids are in school in Idaho and he has homes out of state while he ruins California. Good job Governor.
Yeah, imagine the bullying that would happen to his kids if they were in school in California....I mean if my dad had kept Disneyland closed for over 6 months, I would have gotten beat up every day.

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