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Trip Report 9000 sans adult supervision, solo at WDW!

Take 2!

5 days at wilderness lodge club level here I come! Left Atlanta around 630 AM and I'm currently about an hour from Orlando.

I hit some rough waters during my trip down here. By rough waters I mean hot water. For those of you that were up earlier you know what I'm talking about. You know there's "magical" drama when your text message inbox looks liked this...


I truly take it as an honor that 2 lovely ladies who are also heavy hitters in these trip report forums took a moment to check in with me 😍

But I'm back at open seas with sunshine ahead And we're gonna have the hap-hap- happiest trip report since that time that Michael Jackson came to my house to use the bathroom! OK well Michael Jackson didn't come to my house to use the bathroom..., but his sister did!

For anybody who is wondering why I'm so low, my wife had to stay home with one of our cats who was ill and will hopefully fly down to meet me once She is able to have the cat seen by the veterinarian tomorrow or Tuesday.

But for now, it's your boy, the people's champ, unsupervised at WDW! Rest assured, hijinks will pursue!


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First I leave my wife at home while I go to WDW, and now I'm stopping at Target WITHOUT her!


I'll definitely be back in hot water when she learns of this!

I'm currently in Winter garden just outside of Orlando. Will check back in soon once I'm at the resort! Unless my wife learns that I was at target without her and then she will somehow build a star trek style transportation device and beam herself down here and then proceed to end my life for daring to go shopping there without her lol

Wicked Sisters

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So pleased your doing another report. Little Marie is absolutely adorable and so lucky to have found her forever home with your family. We are keeping our fingers crossed that your poorly cat will soon be better.

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