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6/25/13 - The Day Spectro Died... Sorry guys..


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I have the unfortunate duty of reporting the official death of Spectromagic.. There are 6 'trailer style' dumpsters filled with the crushed remains of the Spectromagic Parade units.. I believe at this point the only surviving unit is Chernobog... Which may only be temporary as they are removing equipment from the unit..

I personally witnessed a forklift being used to crush the pile of rubble down into the dumpsters.. Twisted metal and all... I couldn't believe my eyes.. It was all backstage, so no pictures... I couldn't take pictures anyway... it's like taking photos at a funeral.. this is one of those times where I wish you could 'dislike' my post.

Music surrounds us
Magic around us
Twirling around us
Carousel of light and laughter!

RIP Spectromagic.... I'll miss you, and the sounds of my 3 year old singing along years ago.


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Oh my god I just started crying a little (your musical quote is what got me). So this is the first official time in my life I'm actually mad at Disney :mad: Time to relive the memories by listening to the music, watching the videos, and dreaming about it coming back to replace the horrendous Electrical Parade....


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I also know this to be true :/ however most of the cavalcade is still together, its been gutted of any usable parts. I assume it to be demolished soon. It's still in the storage shed where DEP/CDCT is kept.


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I can not believe this!! and what makes it even worse is Disney does not have the decency to comment on Spectro being gone forever to all the many fans that loved the parade!

For them to just destroy floats of such a popular parade that has been around and loved by soo many fans for many many years? I can only hope there is a very good reason behind this and that there is something major in the works to replace Spectro!


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It's time for a brand new nighttime parade. Heck the entire MK nighttime offerings need to be revamped new fireworks, parade, just keep on changing up the CTM shows and there all good
There is so much on the entertainment side that needs a total reboot.

Fantasmic - 20 year old joke

Wishes - just ok now that we have seen the alternative offerings

Illuminations - needs some fountains that don't suck

Animal Kingdom... oh wait it closes at 5pm


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I just downloaded the soundtrack on iTunes. The music alone gave me goosebumps :'(

I do agree that they need to revamp the nighttime offerings in general, except for the new version of Magic Memories You (sorry the name escapes me lol). I do like that a lot. But Wishes needs to go already! It's like 200 years old lol
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