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Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

This thread contains political discussion related to the original thread topic


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Does it necessarily? The issue is far more complicated than banning travel or not banning travel. There are risks to everything.

Of course staying home forever would minimize external risks, but there are huge downsides. Life isn't so black and white.
I haven’t said anything about banning travel or staying home forever. You’re the one who said travel doesn’t spread the virus and now you are just making other random comments. Something caused the virus to make its way around the world.


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Walt Disney World files notice for more layoffs effective March 20 2021​

Wouldn't mentioning it is only 19 in the title be helpful in light of past lay-offs that were in the thousands? Because, that's the first thing I thought of until I read the article.


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0 layoffs would be good.
This plague will not last forever. Once the locust have passed through and frog rain is done falling, they will be hiring back. With full capacity 40K will not work for anyone. There are extenuating circumstances now. I don't think they will get back to 70K for many years, but it will rise dramatically when we can all breath in without dropping dead.
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Yeah, it's hysterical @Chef Mickey. A real bundle of laughs, or so I hear. I mean, I'd laugh if I had any empathy left.

Still doing the “white jacket”
Routine...I see.

We gotta get him/her hooked up with the “four horsemen of the hoax” that still dispute everything scientifically proven at this point??

...maybe the can get a memory maker picture with the 7 dwarves together?
...and a turkey leg 🍗


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Well, yeah, you can lay off as many people as you want. It's no big deal. They were all going to stop working eventually some day.... according to @TP2000's pandemic response rule-of-thumb.

That's about the worst analogy I could think of.

A 35 year old Dockers-clad manager should not be laid off. And if they are, it's tragic.

But an 85 year old diabetic woman living her last few months on earth in a Nursing Home is going to die soon whether you like it or not. Is that death sad? Yes, especially for her loved ones. But is her death inevitable? Yes.

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