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Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report


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Friday November 23, 2018

After Autopia we decided to head out of the park but did a little "shopping" at the Disneyana store. I ended up buying a couple sketches, a Santa Pluto and Santa Goofy kind of like the sketches below but not framed up (mine fits in a 11 x 14 frame that I bought at Michael's). There was a lot of cool art that would have been nice to buy if I had unlimited funds and wall space.

View attachment 347297View attachment 347298

View attachment 347300

View attachment 347306

View attachment 347309

View attachment 347310

View attachment 347312

View attachment 347314View attachment 347315

I was really tempted by this sketch since I love the toy soldiers. However it wasn't in the budget. The more characters in the picture the more expensive the sketch. So I could either get the get the Pluto and Goofy which would finish out my wall space at home with the Mickey and Minnie sketches I already had or get this one. So I decided I could live with the picture of these guys and regretably put it down. But it was destined to be mine....Brad returned another day and secretly bought it for me and had it shipped home. I thought he was in the bathroom but he was really buying me this for Christmas. 😍
View attachment 347316

After shopping we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Up next: Saturday morning at DCA.
Awww. Brad is awesome!!!:)


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Sunday November 25, 2018

After meet and greets at Launch Bay we headed back to the hub for some photo pass pictures, Dapper Dans, and a performance of the Disneyland band.




While we were waiting for the Dans I decided to check out the Candy Palace. It was a candy cane day but they must have been made already because nuttles (turtles) were being made.

Inside the Candy Palace


Us at the hub (a little out of order in my post here).

The Dans.



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Sunday November 25, 2018

Soon it was time for lunch and we headed to Cafe Orleans. It is one of our favorite places, we like the food and the view. Even when we have sat inside at one of those few tables it was highly enjoyable.

We shared the pomme frittes.

Brad got the special beef dish. I think it was short ribs with a cheesy grits and a salsa verde. It was really good, the sauce was a little spicy though (not too bad).

And I got the monte cristos. I got them without powdered sugar and I did not dip it in the fruity dipping sauce either. I like them savory so I salted them and dipped them in the left over pomme fritte sauce.

This was the first time we've ever gotten dessert here and actually the reason why we ate her this time. B and I shared the seasonal dessert, lumps of coal. They were filled with nutella I think and had a coffee flavor too and of course topped with peppermint ice cream.

Then we decided to get a spot on Main Street for the Christmas parade, the plan was that we both camp out for the spot. And we hoped the Dapper Dans would be in a spot where we could see them from our spot. But as soon as we found a spot that wasn't in the direct sun Brad said he had to go to the bathroom, and he was gone a LONG time. I even heard the croons of the Dapper Dans from around the corner by the firehouse. I got irritated with Brad because I just knew he was over there enjoying the Dans I was stuck keeping the spot for the parade, and it was his idea to wait for the parade. I was thinking he would come back about halfway through their show to let me go and enjoy them. But nope, so by the time he came back I was pretty salty. But this was actually the time he chose to go buy and ship the sketch of the toy soldiers for my Christmas present. So when I opened the present I did feel a little bad about the hard time I gave him about the parade wait time.

So anyway, while I was waiting I amused myself with some pictures from around my area. These were the ones I liked best.



Then the parade started.


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Sunday November 25, 2018

I know I've already posted pictures from the Christmas Fantasy parade, but I'm going to post some more! It was fun to get some shots of the parade on Main Street with glimpses of the castle sometimes. And of course, my boys, the soldiers were out!

It was neat to watch this float go under the garland, it just barely cleared!


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Sunday November 25, 2018

A few more pictures to finish up our last viewing of the Christmas parade.

After the parade we made our way over to the Matterhorn.

Then we had to have one more ride on it's a small world.

After small world we went to explore the decorations quickly in Toontown, we had ignored that land during the whole trip. Oops!

Minnie's house.

Mickey's house
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Sunday November 25, 2018

More of Toontown Christmas decorations. I was kicking myself that I had forgotten about this land and didn't get any pictures during the day. But I did take pictures of the decorations during the daytime in 2015 and not at night in 2015 so I guess it balanced out. It didn't look like there was much change in the decorations. They were fun to look at though.



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Sunday November 25, 2018

Our time in Toontown was a little rushed because we wanted to catch the last showing of the day for Mickey and the Magical Map. I really like this show, I think it is my favorite of all the live shows in any of the Disney parks I've been to. If you haven't seen this show you might want to go to youtube and check it out or better yet go to Disneyland. ;)


Nobia Williams

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I have to go back to DLR at Christmas and see this parade and show. It reminds me of when I lived in So Cal back in the late 1970's, and attended Cinco de Mayo parades in Redlands with my friends. I also love the Toy Soldiers. The drum show looked like so much fun! Still loving your trip report. I want a bite of that macaroon!!!!


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Sunday November 25, 2018

We headed over for one last ride on Haunted Holiday and I think we did Big Thunder as all. We stopped by one of the future gates of Galaxy's Edge. I joked about opening the door and going int. Imagine my surprise when I pulled on the door and it opened! I thought about peeking in but Brad was telling me not to or we might get banned and not be able to come back to the finished land.


someone is excited for Star Wars!

New Orleans Square train station, if it looks familiar to Epcot fans it's because it was featured in the Two Brothers segment of the American Adventure show.

After a train ride to Main Street it was time to say good by and head to the hotel and order our Uber to the airport. Since we had heard horror stories on the news about traffic jams this Thanksgiving weekend around LAX we decided to leave for the airport 4 hours early instead of 3 hours.

The Uber ride started off strange, apparently there was some big accident on the main way to LAX so our driver took a different route. No problem. As we neared LAX traffic started getting heavier and our driver was taking any short cut that popped up on his GPS. So far so good, we were making better time than we expected. Then boom...full stoppage. We were in a neighborhood area near a back entrance to LAX apparently and no one was moving. Let's just say for the next 30 minutes we moved about a half a block. People passed us pulling their luggage. After consultations with our google maps and with the driver we figured out we were 1.5 miles away from our terminal and since we hadn't moved in so long it was going to be faster to walk. So our driver pulled into a parking lot and we bid our farewell, he did offer to help with luggage to the airport but we each only had our suitcase and a backpack. So we walked with many other people down the street (past an In-n-Out which Brad didn't want to stop at) and along the exit/entrance ramp to LAX. The walk actually wasn't too bad but we were dressed for cold Minnesota/Wisconsin weather not mild California weather so we got a little sweaty. And along our walk we didn't have to worry about getting hit by a car because none of the cars were moving! This was by the way was not the worst experience I've had with traveling and airports, that honor belongs to Atlanta, but from now on I might not fly into/out of LAX unless I absolutely have to. Before this we have only had good experiences with getting in and out LAX, so perhaps we have been lucky before or it was just the holiday weekend travel day. But anyway, by the time we got to our gate we had a little over an hour to wait. So leaving 4 hours before our flight was definitely the right call!

Our flight was a red eye flight and I had to work the next day, although I did take a half-day and I had a student teacher. So once I got into my seat I cozied up in my hoodie put on my instrumental music and eye mask and promptly fell asleep. I slept basically the whole way to Minneapolis. On the way home we picked up Kapono from her kennel and she had survived and the kennel lady again apologized for not writing down our reservation. So all in all an excellent trip.

Coming up......prelude to our March trip.


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I have to go back to DLR at Christmas and see this parade and show. It reminds me of when I lived in So Cal back in the late 1970's, and attended Cinco de Mayo parades in Redlands with my friends. I also love the Toy Soldiers. The drum show looked like so much fun! Still loving your trip report. I want a bite of that macaroon!!!!
It is so great anytime at Disneyland but it is a little extra magical at Christmas. :)


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Saturday November 24, 2018

A few more pictures of the window displays on Buena Vista Street at DCA.
View attachment 347611View attachment 347612

We headed across the esplanade and watched the Christmas fireworks in front of the small world area. So here are some pictures of that.
View attachment 347613View attachment 347614View attachment 347615View attachment 347616View attachment 347618View attachment 347619View attachment 347620View attachment 347621
So pretty!!


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Prelude to our March trip. Today is the day that hours for our trip start appearing on the Disneyland website! So as I look out my window and see the snow barreling down I have hope that I might see green plants and sun soon.

When we are there in March it will be Food and Wine festival at DCA and we are anxiously awaiting those menus being released. B and I were just talking about it this morning. It will be his first Food and Wine at DCA and he is hoping there is some sort of sushi dish. I say yuck and hope there is a good mac and cheese dish. I went a couple years ago and there was a french onion mac and cheese that was so good!

We have decided not to make any reservations for any restaurants and either try for a walk up somewhere or just rely on counter service (which is awesome there) and Food and Wine for our meals.

Really there isn't much else to plan outside of knowing the hours for sure and that we will not plan on going to a park that has EMH to start our day since we don't have access to the early magic hours. Wow, so much less planning than WDW. Besides the fact that I am missing Epcot like crazy right now, I'm really looking forward to this March trip.

Also this with all these snow and cold day we have had a lot of school off and my April solo trip might be in jeopardy or shortened because our school might have us make up a day on Easter Monday, right in the middle of my trip. This makes me upset because it wasn't put on our calendars at all that it could be a snow weather make up day, but whatever...... Today I'll just focus on March.

Dreaming of Disneyland.....:)🆒

Nobia Williams

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My son and I did not do the trail when we went. I see that we should have. Next time I won't skip it.
I have a purse like yours. I love it. I just bought another crossbody with another Disney design at a consignment store a few weeks ago. I love it to, and it was a lot cheaper, and it was new. It has a blue background and Mickey is wearing purple trousers.
You guys are having such a great trip! I personally, do not want it to end.
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