2015 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


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Not just replying to you but my points sort of follow on.

I've personally never done MNSSHP, but probably will next year.

From reading this forum and other blogs etc it seems that the parties feel busier to a lot of people, but what people really want are characters, Jack Skellington, Seven Dwarves, Villains, Princes and all the other ones that only come out for parties.
Do you think the theme of the party has switched from fireworks/parade/candy and rides with short lines. To characters and fireworks/parade and no-one at the party cares about rides anymore? If less people are in the the ride lines then the walkways will feel more crowded?

It could be. The wait times for the rides during the parties has always been shorter than what is seen on a "normal" day. However, on both occasions that we went we saw people doing a little bit of everything. It just seems like they sold more tickets in recent years so it is more crowded. Although, as I've said I have only been twice. Maybe someone with more parties under their belt can say better.


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Just saw on the Disney Food Blog that they are selling apple pie sundaes in those cool poison apple mugs at Sleepy Hollow during the parties (and oddly not advertising that fact).


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For me personally, I'd much rather run one of the Disney half marathons for 2.5 hours to see a character than wait in line for 2.5 hours to see a character. It took me less than 10 minutes to see Jack and Sally two years ago. 15 minutes for the main group of villains. Rarer characters like Robin Hood are out too all the time.

I know running isn't for everyone and the prices are steep, but if I'm going to be at a Halloween Party, I'd want to spend time enjoying the party, not waiting for a photo and autograph.


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Anyone know or have anyone selling Nov. 1st extra tickets? I am looking to purchase. I got to the site too late :(. I had to wait and find out from my professors if I could fly down to orlando from Halloween Weekend.


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Does anyone have a photo of these? They sound awesome.


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