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2015 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

hpyhnt 1000

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I would guess a supply issue if history is anything to go by. I seem to remember @marni1971 mentioning it happened last year, to the point where they had to start getting a bit creative to fill the shows.

That second video is particularly strange, as I've never seen an all willow finale for a fireworks show, Disney or non-Disney!


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Went on 10/23 - what a spectacular event!

Jack & Sally came out @ 5pm! We hit them up first, even though the line was small, still took 1hr. They do a great job interacting.

Also got in the Seven dwarf's, the witch from snow white, and a few others. The parade was excellent!

Will go again!


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was at the party last night, 10/27, anyone witness the clarabelle the cow float break down? never seen that happen before. performers & staff handled it well. crowd was into it too.


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Sorry, I keep popping in here with different videos of Hallowishes but I noticed something else while watching a video. There seem to be lights in the Main Street windows that are synched to the soundtrack that I've never noticed before. You can see them in this video (you can see it best if you watch the emporium):

I really dont remember ever seeing those. Are they new?
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