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  1. MichRX7

    Original WDW Electric Water Pageant Re-Lit (like the Country Bears)

    Just sharing, our lake has their yearly Venetian Lights night where everyone is encouraged to light-up their boat for a night parade, or light up their docks. My wife and I decided to go big or go home, so we took approximately 6,000 pixels and the music from the original 1971 Electric Water...
  2. Judy Hopps

    Judy Hopps

    Oh, yes it may had been another cavalcade that parkgoers either liked or loathed, but regardless of their opinions, the Adventure Friends Cavalcade is easily the best of the bunch, and Judy Hopps is one of these characters you only see here
  3. jlucy

    Can I permanently work at WDW from the UK?

    HI EVERYONE!!! - I'm new here.. Please only kind answers. IS there any way I can apply to WDW for a permanent Job role? I know there are Disney College Programs etc however, I am a single Mother to a 7-year-old. So for me, I can not up-route for a year and then come back to England. And it has...
  4. BongoTheBear

    New member here

    Been a Disney fan for almost 3 decades now, but only after my most recent trip did I want to connect more with the community and dig a bit deeper into Disney.
  5. Space Mountain.jpg

    Space Mountain.jpg

  6. 50th Anniversary Castle.jpg

    50th Anniversary Castle.jpg

  7. 50th Anniversary Castle.jpg

    50th Anniversary Castle.jpg

  8. Train Station.jpg

    Train Station.jpg

  9. Slinky Dog Dash.jpg

    Slinky Dog Dash.jpg

  10. 50th Anniversary Projection.jpg

    50th Anniversary Projection.jpg

  11. 50th Anniversary Firework.jpg

    50th Anniversary Firework.jpg

  12. 50th Anniversary Fireworks.jpg

    50th Anniversary Fireworks.jpg

  13. E

    Hi from former CM and Autistic mom!

    Hello forums! I’m new here and looking for any advice people have on how to make an efficient trip to MK, Epcot and Studios. Im a former cast member— I was a Skipper on the JUNGLE CRUISE a long long time ago ;) My son and I are both Autistic, and we both struggle with intense waiting anxiety...
  14. Me and my Sisters(2011)

    Me and my Sisters(2011)

    That was before we went to Hollywood Studios(we went surprisely later in the day this time around)
  15. Monorail Red(2011)

    Monorail Red(2011)

    This was taken at the Grand Floridian Monorail stop, and this was before the security stuff and Tom Kane monorail spiel existed(which I definitely got used to that, as well as the bus spiels too)
  16. Grand Floridian Window(2011)

    Grand Floridian Window(2011)

    He also took a picture of one of the windows seen at the Grand Floridian resort and Spa.
  17. Grand Floridian Gingerbread House(2011)

    Grand Floridian Gingerbread House(2011)

    Also a part of the yearly tradition, a gingerbread house is made for display and plenty of pictures as well!
  18. Grand Floridian Christmas Tree(2011)

    Grand Floridian Christmas Tree(2011)

    While I was relaxing in the hotel room, my dad and little sis had a fun tea party(with Princess Aurora)
  19. Morning View of the Monorail area of the Polynesian(2011)

    Morning View of the Monorail area of the Polynesian(2011)

    It was our first full day at Disney, it definitely has better weather than what my homestate is(this was in December by the way)
  20. Me and the Entire Family

    Me and the Entire Family

    Before we got on that sad bus, and dealing with a lot of problems for the next 24 hrs. We had to give one more picture and a couple of thank you notes to the always brilliant cast members.
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