1. Elsa is Holding my Arm

    Elsa is Holding my Arm

    I did a better job posing for Elsa for this year, than last year's picture.
  2. Elsa signing my autograph book

    Elsa signing my autograph book

    I just can't help that I love Elsa, with a huge passion. Her signature is pretty awesome.
  3. Me and Elsa start talking

    Me and Elsa start talking

    I saw her in the Festival of Fantasy with Anna, and shouted Hi to her. She saw me. Elsa's my favorite of the two sisters from the movie, Frozen. Why?, because she has a beautiful singing voice and a sweet snow queen outfit.
  4. Elsa's first warm hug

    Elsa's first warm hug

    Yes, Elsa was the first of two sisters that I met this time around, and as you guessed it, she really loved my warm hugs. Love thaws a Frozen Heart!
  5. One More Hug for Mulan

    One More Hug for Mulan

    I gave her one last hug, and I told her that I would see her again on my next adventure. After that hug, I kissed her hand again(i kissed her hand earlier as well), and everybody were cheering and clapping(that was the most applause I ever got in my life)
  6. Meeting Mulan(4/4)

    Meeting Mulan(4/4)

    I actually kinda like her updated Disney parks look as well(example: pink, yellowish gold, and blue outfit)
  7. Meeting Mulan(3/4)

    Meeting Mulan(3/4)

    That was my time meeting Fa Mulan at any Disney park(or any of my visits to Disney World)
  8. Meeting Mulan(2/4)

    Meeting Mulan(2/4)

    I held her arm this time around, during the taking of the pictures
  9. Meeting Mulan(1/4)

    Meeting Mulan(1/4)

    She's my older sister's favorite Disney Princess(and Mulan was happy to hear these words)
  10. Still chating with Mulan

    Still chating with Mulan

    Also she liked my helmet(my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears), and I got her autograph already(from the first meet). I told her about the Stars and Motor Cars Parade from DHS(of course, she remembered, because she was featured in that parade)
  11. Talking with Mulan

    Talking with Mulan

    She knew me from earlier in the day, she loved my metals(pins), including my Sofia one(as she appeared in the episode, Princesses to the Rescue, and she sing, Stronger Than You Know, which was one of the best songs she singed ever, she literally told me)
  12. Hugging Mulan

    Hugging Mulan

    I came back to the Mulan meet, after riding Nemo. Because I wanted to have a picture taken with her, and there wasn't a PhotoPass photographer during the first set(but luckily I was one of the first people in line to meet her for the first set)
  13. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

    The Seas with Nemo and Friends

    The seagulls from the popular animated movie are on the rocks, outside of one of my best(in my opinion)Epcot attractions
  14. Shaking Sadness' hand

    Shaking Sadness' hand

    Since she was a bit sad, i shook her hand for a bonus treat aside from the forementioned hug.
  15. One More for Sadness too

    One More for Sadness too

    I made her happy, just a little bit.
  16. High Fiving Joy

    High Fiving Joy

    I also gave Joy high fives, as a bonus for saying byes to her and Sadness until the next trip.
  17. One More Hug for Joy

    One More Hug for Joy

    I just can't help that I love her the most, because she made Riley happy thoughout the movie, it's one of my favorite movies of my adulthood.
  18. Meeting Joy and Sadness

    Meeting Joy and Sadness

    I held their hands for the picture this time around, since my sisters were on a separate cruise vacation, and that the console from the movie was taken out.
  19. Me with Joy and Sadness

    Me with Joy and Sadness

    I actually told them that their movie, Inside Out won the Best Animated Feature Oscar, and their attendant thought that I brought more Oscars(Yeah, you know that Character Attendants are my favorite kind of cast members)
  20. Sadness now signs her signature

    Sadness now signs her signature

    She's lucky that she can actually sign, even though she's a little too sad to be happy.
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