1. Still Holding on to Jasmine

    Still Holding on to Jasmine

    She is another one of these characters that I can't let go of during a hug, but I have to let go of.
  2. Hugging Jasmine(2017 Edition)

    Hugging Jasmine(2017 Edition)

    I wanted to hug Jasmine from the back, instead of the top of her shoulders, so they wouldn't be sore as well. So she was also a good hugger as well.
  3. Me and Jasmine

    Me and Jasmine

    She was a sweet Disney princess to meet, even without her Prince Ali(Aladdin).
  4. Arms Crossed Pose for Jasmine

    Arms Crossed Pose for Jasmine

    I'm actually one of these people who actually kinda liked her controversial updated look, and Yeah, I try my best to pose with the characters as best as I can.
  5. Jasmine's signing my book

    Jasmine's signing my book

    When Jasmine signed my book, she was talking about the stuff she likes doing the most.
  6. Jasmine notices my Disney pins

    Jasmine notices my Disney pins

    She was in the Morocco area, it was only Jasmine. When I got my book ready, she noticed my Kim Possible Vinylmation pin(how did she know her)and also my Sofia pin(because she tamed a magic carpet with her and Amber)
  7. Aurora at Akershus

    Aurora at Akershus

    The last princess to come to our table was Sleeping Beauty herself, Princess Aurora/Briar Rose. I feel bad for her, because she gets so much hate. So gave her enough love as she gets, and that day was definitely no exception.
  8. Ariel at Akershus

    Ariel at Akershus

    Next came the star of the film that would be the start of the Disney Renaissance. She was so sweet, I liked her dark green dress. She was a little rushed that morning, she kinda stepped on my foot, when she hugged me back, after this picture was taken(must had been a friendly one).
  9. Cinderella at Akershus

    Cinderella at Akershus

    Her face was very happy, as well as mine. She was graceful to let me hold my arm. Like I said before, I just adore her updated Disney Parks appearance.
  10. Cinderella's looking at me very cutesy

    Cinderella's looking at me very cutesy

    I just couldn't help to say that she was the sweetest of the four who came to our table that morning, they were all sweet to me
  11. Talking to Cinderella at Akershus

    Talking to Cinderella at Akershus

    Yes!, I've met her a few days before the breakfast, but I didn't mind seeing Cinderella again, she was the prettiest of them all that morning.
  12. Snow White at Akershus

    Snow White at Akershus

    The princess from Walt Disney's first full length animated feature was first at our table at the Akershus breakfast.
  13. Kissing Belle's hand

    Kissing Belle's hand

    But that wasn't all, a hug isn't the only thing included, a kiss on the hand is a perfect way to say bye, and Belle didn't mind that she would be kissed on the hand(because of the Awww!!!! face).
  14. Hugging Belle byes

    Hugging Belle byes

    Before I went to my table to eat my breakfast and seeing four more princesses, I gave Belle one more hug.
  15. Me and Belle at Akershus(2/2)

    Me and Belle at Akershus(2/2)

    I promise you, the last signature pose picture with me and ball gown Belle at Epcot's Akershus
  16. Me and Belle at Akershus(1/2)

    Me and Belle at Akershus(1/2)

    I just couldn't help myself that I met Belle, not once, but twice(and You'll know why later).
  17. Smiling for the Camera and Belle

    Smiling for the Camera and Belle

    I'm looking as sweet as ever(despite my weird face), and such a great start to a long day at Epcot
  18. Holding Belle's hand

    Holding Belle's hand

    I'm hiding my left arm, because I was holding my autograph book(didn't want to show it in the pictures), and I also told her that she was on my shirt(she said that reading is her thing, of course it is)
  19. Talking to Belle

    Talking to Belle

    We both talked to each other about how I was a suit of armor in the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction the year before, and of course, She remembered it.
  20. Hugging Belle at Akershus

    Hugging Belle at Akershus

    The first thing we did at Epcot, was breakfast at Akershus in Norway. We were greeted by Belle in her beautiful yellow gown dress.
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