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  1. Still Being Cute in Front of Princess Anna

    Still Being Cute in Front of Princess Anna

    As Anna signed her signature, I was still being adorable with my cute reaction.
  2. Being Cute in Front of Princess Anna

    Being Cute in Front of Princess Anna

    As she was signing my autograph book, I made that adorable face in front of Princess Anna.
  3. Giving Princess Anna Warm Hugs

    Giving Princess Anna Warm Hugs

    It was my first time going to the Royal Sommerhus meeting Anna and Elsa, When I was there Anna had first dibs, followed by Elsa. She said that I was like Olaf, when I first hugged her. She was really in character.
  4. Me and Donald Duck

    Me and Donald Duck

    I met him in the Mexico pavilion, that was my first time meeting Donald Duck in that costume
  5. Club Cool

    Club Cool

    It's probably one of the best ways of drinking sodas at Disney, because you can sample some of the international sodas, including my personal favorite, Fanta Melon from Thailand and the infamous Beverly from Italy.
  6. About to see Belle in France

    About to see Belle in France

    Sorry for my weird face, they take pictures of my face, which I don't mind at all. Anyways I have my book ready for Belle's second signature of the day and will have my arms wide open for another hug.
  7. Handing Belle's CA my bag

    Handing Belle's CA my bag

    When I got up to meet Belle in France, I gave her character attendant my shopping bag(which had my little bag, some stuff I got at the Japanese store), so it wouldn't be in the way during the pictures
  8. Me and other guests on Frozen Ever After

    Me and other guests on Frozen Ever After

    The ride reopened after being repaired, I got in line(the queue line). I rode the ride, which was the last thing I did at Epcot for this trip. I was pumped up as you can see.
  9. Arms Crossed with Donald

    Arms Crossed with Donald

    I decided to go with the arms crossed pose again, this time with Donald Duck
  10. Hugging Donald Duck

    Hugging Donald Duck

    Also he was a little jealous that I didn't have a pin of Donald Duck on my lanyard, but luckily he was on my lanyard that I have(Disney Nerds)
  11. Meeting Donald Duck

    Meeting Donald Duck

    After seeing two sisters, I decided to meet Donald Duck in Mexico(again), and I told him about one of his partners, Jose, along with the DuckTales gang, which will be a new series.
  12. Warm Hugs for Anna

    Warm Hugs for Anna

    Of course, I would never leave out the warm hugs from Anna, because I had to give her one. But as characters go, I have to "let it go" of her, and I kissed her hand as well(but not pictured)
  13. Reindeer Ears

    Reindeer Ears

    Me and Anna were doing our Reindeer ears, because Sven is a reindeer, also I have my Oswald ears, also both Anna and Kristoff have a good relationship. Anna easily won, I failed big time.
  14. Anna's Holding my Arm

    Anna's Holding my Arm

    I would love to build a snowman with both Anna and Elsa, but now Anna liked seeing me as much as Elsa.
  15. Still Talking with Anna

    Still Talking with Anna

    I actually called Anna cute, and she really loved my comments that said, "Anna, you're so cute!"
  16. Getting Anna's autograph

    Getting Anna's autograph

    She was that sweet to give me her signature(as always).
  17. Meeting Anna

    Meeting Anna

    Next came the princess of Arendelle, Anna! There's the castle on the background.
  18. Kissing Elsa's hand

    Kissing Elsa's hand

    Of course, since Elsa is my favorite Frozen sister(and Frozen character overall), I kissed her hand very brilliantly, and she really loved it when I kissed her hand. Also there's glitter on her face
  19. One More Warm Hug for Elsa

    One More Warm Hug for Elsa

    I had to "Let It Go" with Elsa for this trip, so I would move on to meet her little sister next inside their sweet Sommerhus. BTW, she's a sweet hugger, and that was a better hug picture than the last one, because my autograph book wasn't in the way.
  20. Elsa isn't showing the teeth anymore

    Elsa isn't showing the teeth anymore

    BTW, That's her Ice Palace that she magically made in the movie, during one of the song sequences.
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