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Recent content by youngdeb

  1. youngdeb

    Trip Report THE ONE FOR MOTHER’S DAY IN MAY (duh)

    I'm going to have to jump in pro-avocado and pro-guac. So good!
  2. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip Update! My "We were suppose to be with the band but now are by ourselves" Pre-Trip Report

    We are going to upgrade as well! I will have a hard time deciding but my DS wants the BB8 and DD liked the Ariel one!
  3. youngdeb

    Trip Report Holy Smokes! Let's see how it goes?! *COMPLETED*

    I used to get the calf cramps really badly when I was pregnant as well. I would have to jump out of bed to stretch them out as well. DH was always super concerned lol.
  4. youngdeb

    Trip Report The Return of Random Day

    Love the idea of random day!
  5. youngdeb

    Trip Report It's a trap! (LIVE-ish)

    Following along!
  6. youngdeb

    Trip Report The "We've Made a Huge Mistake" Trip - Disney with an infant (don't do it)

    So sorry to hear your trip didn't go well. It's tough when they are that age!
  7. youngdeb

    Trip Report "It's so dark and my bum goes up!" - A Day in DL/DCA With a 3 Year Old

    Looks like you guys had a great time! GotG was the only ride that scared the bejeezus out of my 3 year old. She went on all the roller coasters with no problems but she did not like the drops on Guardians. I felt serious mom guilt after that one and she got the first Groot toy she could find...
  8. youngdeb

    Trip Report Waddling Around the World - 28 weeks pregnant, F&W Fall '18

    Congrats! She's adorable! I feel so fortunate - in Canada we get a whole year off. It's hard to believe you would be going back so soon!
  9. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip Welp. My car was totaled so now I REALLY deserve this trip....

    Wow! So glad you are ok! That looks like it could've been much much worse! We have a Hyundai Santa Fe XL and I love it.
  10. youngdeb

    Trip Report The “lets count the ways Land is greater than World” as seen through the eyes of the #noobsfromgeorgia.

    Thanks for the great report! Now I can't wait for our trip next month!
  11. youngdeb

    Trip Report The “lets count the ways Land is greater than World” as seen through the eyes of the #noobsfromgeorgia.

    I know my fear of heights well enough to know that a turn in a swinging gondola would not go over well. It took me a full turn around on Mickey's "Fun" Wheel in a non-swinging gondola to not be holding on for dear life.
  12. youngdeb

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The trip that almost didn't happen (thanks to Baltimore)

    Following along! I don't worry about winter weather delaying us out of our home airport, it's a regular occurrence for us. It's the fact that we have to connect through Vancouver to get anywhere and they do NOT handle winter well at all.
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