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  1. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip Taking non-believers to the World - Jan 2020 PTR

    We traveled last year in late February with our just turning 3 daughter. She was just shy of the 40" mark, which eliminated a few rides for her, but there's still tons you can do. Once you hit 40", it's mostly the bigger thrill rides that he won't be tall enough for. After a few trips with...
  2. youngdeb

    Trip Report How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report

    Congratulations! What a great start to your trip!
  3. youngdeb

    Canadian Discount for 2019-20?

    In previous years they have been announced in the Fall, sometimes end of Aug/early September and in 2017 was announced beginning of November. Discounts for 2019 have already come and gone. I would guess that if there will be discounts for 2020 that they should be announced by November.
  4. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip The Last Hurrah?

    I made a reservation for the lightsaber building for our trip in January just in case we decide to splurge. It's expensive, but I've heard great things about it.
  5. youngdeb

    Trip Report Family Fun in the Hot, Hot Florida Sun!!

    My daughter hates all things potato, which includes fries. She will eat potato chips, but if it resembles or tastes at all like actual potato, it’s a no-go.
  6. youngdeb

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *AUGUST*

    Love the blue one. The Toy Story one would be great except for the creepy staring doll right in the middle...
  7. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip A Cars, Stars and and all the boy things Disneyland adventure

    We didn't see Mickey or Donald at the Plaza so Storytellers may be better. The Plaza was great since there was a large variety of different characters, but the only one out of fab 5 we saw was Minnie. What we love about Disneyland is all the characters roaming around, not necessarily at...
  8. youngdeb

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    Following along! I'm still trying to convince DH that a Disney Cruise is a good idea 😍
  9. youngdeb

    Pre-Trip A Cars, Stars and and all the boy things Disneyland adventure

    You're going to have a great time! Cars Land is amazing! We've only done one character meal in DL and it was Minnie's Breakfast at The Plaza Inn. Tons of characters and the food was great!
  10. youngdeb

    Fall Special Offers?

    Discounts generally post on Tuesdays and I've read elsewhere that discounts were temporarily showing on the Disney World website over the weekend that weren't active yet.
  11. youngdeb

    Trip Report Livin' La Vida Local

    Have a great time!
  12. youngdeb

    Trip Report Wishes Heads West!

    They are two totally different experiences! We love both for different reasons.
  13. youngdeb

    Trip Report Wishes Heads West!

    Have a great trip! Look forward to following along! In DCA, Radiator Springs Racers FPs will sell out the fastest so try to get that one first. We would grab a FP and then head to the incredicoaster or TSMM. In DL, most people rope drop Peter Pan. I would avoid it and do anything else with...
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