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  • Thabks for the Ice cream thread..No Disney till December but we are at the beach..so we got a little break..you are the best!..:)
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :D:D:eek::D:D I haven't been around because I moved....and my laptop DIED....and it's been so hectic. Dubbz has been asking me when I'm getting back to the EPCOT threads, too. :lol::lookaroun Guess I better get my butt in gear....!
    "Historian, Philosopher, seeker of knowledge, which means that I am full of useless information."

    existentialism at its finest...?
    Ooh so exciting..Hopeing and praying everything goes smooth for you all!..Looking forward to pictures..;)
    Thanks...it may not happen because of Drew's work..but we are hoping..I will let you know..:)

    How is the pregnancy coming along...soon huh?..:)
    Will do, and thanks.:)

    Just read the chapter and it's just a review for me. :shrug::lol:

    The War of Jenkin's Ear still cracks me up though.:lol:
    Oh yeah, we have a solid 6 pages of paragraphs and notes to touch upon for tomorrow. Should be good...I'll let you know how it goes.

    Going to turn in now, so see you tomorrow!:)
    Yeah, I knew what you meant.;)

    Kinda the same story for me, I was raised on the Disney movies and our first visit to WDW was VERY hyped up. We had watched the planning Video for months. I was a little under 3 years old and actually remember most of the trip. EPCOT and all of the attractions especially Spaceship Earth captivated me. There is actually a home video of me trying to hum Tomorrow's Child!:lol:

    As for the History aspect...Dad is a social studies teacher and most of our other vacations were history based. He deffinetly passed the appreciation for our history down to me,
    Very true... Both are quite historical if you think about it;)

    How did you get interested in this? (yes, both!)
    Most interesting! All sound like interesting professions!:D

    And yeah, We shall keep in touch.However....

    I do not know your name! :eek::lol: I would introduce myself, but it seems you already know quite a bit about me!
    Sounds good. I would LOVE to work in DC. That kind of access is incredible.

    I have applied for schools, but none have given me a return answer. :rolleyes: My grades ,GPA and credits are fine (I prolly have WAYYYY more than needed) but my SAT scores are a tad under the accepted rate.:dazzle: I hope to take it again soon so a reply or two will trickle in. So far I applied to FIU, UF, UM and UCF. Hopefully soon a reply will come in and I can stop camping at the mailbox.:lol::lol:

    Interesting that you mentioned philosophy. I'm currently reading Sophie's World by Gaardner for an AP Euro History class I am taking next semester. Amazing stuff. The class should be great too...Tought by the same teacher who thought AP U.S.
    Thank you! I feel the same way. I have always been interested in our nations history, but it was really sparked last year when I took a AP American History course. It was immersing. :eek: I am in constant wonderment of our countries story.

    You live in DC? Lucky! I have visited a few times and ALWAYS want to stay.:lol:

    Seeing that you majored in History, may I ask what you do for a living? I am curious to see what one does with this line of study...I have had aspirations of being a constitutional Lawyer (or Scholar) , but I would like to see what else is out there.

    Happy New Year to you too!:D:D

    Love the signature! You seem to be very well versed in American History.:wave: It's one of my favorite lines of study and pastimes.
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