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  1. yankspy

    Disney got my money for the last time

    I get the OP being upset since this just happened. I was a little annoyed two weeks ago when on the last day of our trip the frozen ride went down. ( it was the only day that had fast passes available). My daughter had talked about it all week. Luckily she is four and has the attention span of...
  2. yankspy

    Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

    The hidden part about this place are the savory items. We recently went there for lunch for the first time and it was awesome. In the past we always just got sweets from there.
  3. yankspy

    Breakfast in the Disney Springs area

    Olivia's at OKW is not too far.
  4. yankspy

    Favorite Buffet/Pre-Fixe Breakfast

    Chef Mickey's, Cape May, and Whispering Canyon.
  5. yankspy

    Favorite Treat at the Disney Parks?

    Epcot: School Bread or Chocolate Caramel Cookie MK: Dole Whip. Don't have favorites at the other parks. I also like a good old fashioned sugar cookie without icing. The only place that has them is the snack shop at the GF. We actually had dinner at Citricos last month and I purposely stopped...
  6. yankspy

    Changes at WDW due to alligator attack (dedicated thread)

    I saw one there last week. We were headed to our room during the day and unfortunately there were people feeding it. I let the front desk know.
  7. yankspy

    Favorite place for breakfast

    Macadamia pineapple pancakes and a pressed pot of Kona coffee at the Kona Cafe. Second would be Chef Mickey's.
  8. yankspy

    New Star Wars Fireworks Show - 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular'

    The Chinese theater is the focal point so as close as possible to that in the center. We got there a half hour before and still got a pretty good view. The videos do not do it justice
  9. yankspy

    New Star Wars Fireworks Show - 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular'

    Having just seen this show last week from the hub, it is badass. It is heavily projection based but you have lasers shooting out from the projections and when the emperor shoots lightning at the crowd the Lightning is projected onto the trees and such so it looks like it's in 3D. You also get to...
  10. yankspy

    Show me your Disney Christmas ornament

    We have a bunch as well but I am very fond of this one.
  11. yankspy

    IASW is the best ride in WDW

    When I was there last November they had IASW plushes and coffee mugs in the store that Philharmagic exits into.
  12. yankspy

    Food & Wine Festival - Drunkytown?

    I think your last line says it best. Adults have every right to have fun as well but having adult fun does not mean acting like an idiot. In most cases, if the behavior is unacceptable around children, chances are it is unacceptable to adults too even though adults may understand said behavior...
  13. yankspy

    Show us your MNSSHP costumes!! (and MNSSHP Pics!)

  14. yankspy

    Downtown Disney's Marketplace Cap'n Jack's Marina closing next week

    I remember eating here as a kid. The village was a simple place back then.
  15. yankspy

    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks (Part II)

    You hit the nail on the head with the "thinly layered Starbucks theme" comment. I can tell that it is a Starbucks even without the logo and that is what bothers me. My family always makes fun of me for not wanting to eat some cereal or something in the room every morning and my answer is that I...
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