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    Disneyland Canada

    Ok, I’m back.. again lol.. Sorry I’ve been so busy recently and haven’t had time to post on here… I have been working on this project some more and I can’t wait to share my ideas!!
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    Your EPCOT future world ideas

    I like Coco but I like Grand Fiesta Tour too much… I’d love to see a Coco ride if they do it right tho!! Also I’d love to see them sell those guitars in the parks!!! I’d totally buy it!!!!!
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    Disneyland Sweden

    They really are!! And I feel like the only real difference is that Tomorrowland is more space themed and Future World is more like casual… which is def why I think Mission SPACE fits much better in Tomorrowland but I can still see why it’s in Future World
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    DisneySky Paris

    Definitely!!but also more thrilling and more advanced
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    DisneySky Paris

    What about a ride about the history of flight? From the very beginning to the Wright Brothers to Amelia Earhart to today, and than after that, they can board a airplane and go on an adventure of their own!
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    DisneySky Paris

    I dig that
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    Waz's WRLD

    Ride Idea A18: Iron Rattler This ride is a scenario where Disney acquired Six Flags, brought the Iron Rattler to Disney (whatever park they choose) and altered the ride a bit… I honestly think it could work at any Disney Park around the world BUT I’d vote Paris because I think it could fit...
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    Disneyland Sweden

    Wildland: Jungle Safari Soarin with Carl and Russell The Excavator DINOSAUR A new and improved Primeval Whirl Himalayas Dark Ride Details to Follow, concept art for the Himalayas Dark Ride soon to come
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    Disneyland London

    Ok, so does anyone have any ideas to improve the park?? I’m 95% done with everything and I’m taking requests lol
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    Time Racers

    I wonder if the exterior would be some giant portal that way when guest enter the show building, the are transported to the future
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    Reimagined the Disney Parks from Scratch

    is western river expedition a part of this? It’s gotta be right? 😂
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