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  1. tongaloosh

    News D23 Expo 2019

    At first glance, I thought the box in the center read "SPOOT"
  2. tongaloosh

    News Buzzy’s been stolen?

    Sorry, what does BLAB stand for?
  3. tongaloosh

    Big List of Forum Abbreviations

    I haven't run into it around here for a while, but what about TPFKADMGM?
  4. tongaloosh

    Dumbest Thing You've Heard a Guest Say: Florida Edition

    Aww, my family did that too! When I was really young, my parents would tell me we were "going to Mickey's house"
  5. tongaloosh

    This thread to be deleted

    I don't mean to doubt you, but...you ARE a WDW bus driver ;)
  6. tongaloosh

    The Hidden CM (security)

    Don't let the "innocent" look fool you. He's watching you, graphite1326. Always watching. Always.
  7. tongaloosh

    The Hidden CM (security)

    Sounds more like management types to me. My area managers at Sunset Market wore business-casual clothing rather than costumes. I'd think plain-clothes security wouldn't want to make their presence known unless absolutely necessary. That said, maybe you've been secretly watched by security who...
  8. tongaloosh

    News The Hall of Presidents is now open

    Kind of gives me a Church Lady vibe
  9. tongaloosh

    News The Hall of Presidents is now open

    I second this, both the show and the narrator maybe being Viola Davis
  10. tongaloosh

    News The Hall of Presidents is now open

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing! I agree with what others have said: the animatronic's neck is too thin. In some angles, like the photo above, it looks like Trump is leading with his chin, lending him a sort of boxy/rectangular facial shape. Meanwhile, the animatronic looks like its...
  11. tongaloosh

    December is here - time for the bells?

    Thanks for the sweet message @wdwmagic ! Happy Holidays to all!
  12. tongaloosh

    Olaf's Frozen Adventure!

    It was okay. Some good one liners, a fun look at a variety of holiday traditions, and Anna and Elsa's "tradition" was sweet, but it wasn't anything I'd be clamoring to see again (unlike Frozen, which is now one of my winter go-to movies). Our theater was nice enough to post notices about the...
  13. tongaloosh

    Pixar's Coco.

    I'm a fan of Frozen, but that short...eh. While I laughed at a couple of jokes, ultimately I felt like I was watching a full-length movie that was severely edited for time. Coco was fantastic though. Definitely one of Pixar's best in a long, long time. And that soundtrack! We need more films...
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