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  1. SMRT-1

    Space Mountain Refurb?

    They are spending more money on Space Mountain?! WHAAT!!?
  2. SMRT-1

    New lights at Typhoon Lagoon

    any word on any happenings?
  3. SMRT-1

    Repainting of Epcot Central Plaza?

    so yea...saw it a few days ago...honestly it doesn't make any difference. that area is so busy now that it blends right in. maybe paint spaceship earth like a rainbow now? who knows...
  4. SMRT-1

    Repainting of Epcot Central Plaza?

    the imagineers of the original Epcot Center must be spinning in their graves.
  5. SMRT-1

    Repainting of Epcot Central Plaza?

    well now it goes with the rest of Future World....a sloppy mess.
  6. SMRT-1

    Live band karaoke at Atlantic Dance

    anyone know what band it is?
  7. SMRT-1

    Repainting of Epcot Central Plaza?

    Finally....hope they pick one color...anything other than the current one and the pink neon. Seriously!
  8. SMRT-1

    Part of Sid Cahuenga's at Disney's Hollywood Studios to become a MyMagic+ service center

    been there for a while now - at least since Sept. Sid's is pretty much gutted at this point. A few posters on the walls remain. enjoy those kiosks folks!
  9. SMRT-1

    Spirited News, Observations & Thoughts IV

    shh!! you have exposed WDW74's sources!! LOL!
  10. SMRT-1

    Polynesian Village name is coming back

    Thank you again Tikiman for bringing us solid info!
  11. SMRT-1

    Whatever Happened to the Old EPCOT Center Omnibus? Let's See...

    incredible find - you never really know where some of this stuff ends up!
  12. SMRT-1

    How Have You Disney-fied Your Own Home?

    Tiki God from the Poly rooms - Purchased new in the box. Yes, I have the set!
  13. SMRT-1

    Purchasing Disney Signage for the home.

    they are pixalated..for a 150 bucks a pop they could have made these much nicer. how about a nice molded tiki room sign?
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