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  1. slappy magoo

    So I cant visit the resorts now unless I have a dining reservation?

    In Disney's opinion, and in "normal times," the ability to let people who aren't staying in a particular resort to go explore a resort has historically been one of the best forms of free advertising. You know how in old anti-drug educational films the dealer usually gives the first "taste" for...
  2. slappy magoo

    Finally giving Auto Train another shot

    I don't know what I was thinking. But it was probably along the lines of "I'm socially inept and anyone who volunteers to meet me comes to regret it."
  3. slappy magoo

    2020 Hotel Choice

    That might be because Saratoga is a DVC resort, unlike many of the other resorts with a DVC section, Saratoga and Old Key West are considered to be DVC resorts entirely. This is not to say you can't book a room there, and of all the Deluxe and Villa resorts, Saratoga is usually the easiest to...
  4. slappy magoo

    Can someone break down QSDP for me please

    Geez, talk about burying the lede... :)
  5. slappy magoo

    Can someone break down QSDP for me please

    I'll got a little further and suggest that the QS Dining Plan isn't so hot for grownups either unless a: You always use it for lunch and dinner, never breakfast where prices tend to be lower and b: you always include an alcoholic beverage and not everyone wants that and c: you don't eat at a...
  6. slappy magoo

    Obstructed Savannah "Standard" View at AKL

    Our last trip, after months of my wife saying "I'm just happy to stay at Animal Kingdom, savannah view is no big deal" we get there and she's like "...maybe we can ask to pay for an upgrade?" Long story short, they said there's really no view in the room we have, but if we don't mind switching...
  7. slappy magoo

    Three hotels in 8 days. Are we dumb?

    Personally I'd try to rent the points necessary to make it 4 nights at OKW and 4 nights at Animal Kingdom Villas. Try to have lunch at Sanaa...preferably a day where you're not planning a big dinner.
  8. slappy magoo


    I popped your dates into travelocity first. Looks like the only flights out of BWI travelocity has that will do non stop flights are from Spirit, and I know they have added costs up the ying yang so I went to their own website. Did the same dates, told them I wanted the bundled choice where you...
  9. slappy magoo

    Thoughts on switching hotels?

    If you're going to do it... 1: Make Beach Club the 2nd part of the trip. 2: The day you check out of Pop, wear your bathing suits out with some kind of coverup over them, and keep a change of clothes for your party with you in one or two backpacks. 3: If you don't want to cab or take a Lyft or...
  10. slappy magoo

    Is there a check-in early fee?

    If they can get you in early, they will, and there will be no fee, but they in no way can guarantee an early check-in. As eliza said above, they will hold your bags when you arrive, you can go to the parks or to the pool or anywhere you want to go. When your room is ready, you can go and...
  11. slappy magoo

    best buffet for dinner?

    Not necessarily, depends on the location and the plans for the day. If you're at MK, 1900 PF is a short boat ride away followed by a boat or monorail back. Easy to get to Chef Mickeys though I wouldn't recommend it for food. Cape May is a 5-10 minute walk from Intl Gateway if it's an Epcot day.
  12. slappy magoo

    Convince me to change hotels...

    POFQ is not that big. I just dont know if rooms would be available, since it's not that big.
  13. slappy magoo

    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    Either I have incredibly good luck when it comes to interacting with other guests or you have incredibly bad luck. Or my charm is just that infectious. Don't giggle. It could happen.
  14. slappy magoo

    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    I've smoked twice in my entire life. But I'll start conversations with people on line, and they'll start 'em with me. Or waiting on parades or fireworks. On the buses. There are plenty of occasions where Disney kind of forces you to slow down and be patient. Being at WDW, you have one major...
  15. slappy magoo

    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    Huh, fancy that. Guys ignoring character flaws in exchange for a hookup. I'll alert the media. Apologies if "Fancy that" is a bit highfalutin.
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