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  1. SirWillow

    Anyone else think the "Disney Legend" title gets thrown around to much?

    I was looking at a post about Ming Na Wen leading the Candlelight Processional, and noticed that she was titled, "Disney Legend." So is Jon Favreau. And all of the Star Wars actors. And... seems like every time I turn around anyone that's had much to do with Disney in the last 10- 20 years...
  2. SirWillow

    Is Anybody Else Annoyed With Hyperspace Mountain's Stay?

    2020? It's going to be around a lot longer than that. Star Tours isn't going anywhere. And there isn't any reason to move or close Launch Bay either. Those will both be around for years to come. honestly, I don't think SWGE opening means any changes at all to Tomorrowland, and not sure...
  3. SirWillow

    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    nothing different or changed other than what has been posted recently. It's not likely to change on a week to week basis. May see something different after the holidays, but I wouldn't expect anything before that.
  4. SirWillow

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Not canceled at all. BBC tends to do shorter "seasons" and longer times between seasons. That and the show runners seem to like even longer breaks. So 11-12 months between seasons of Who isn't unusual. Better than the 18 month break they had at one point a few seasons back. Haven't heard of...
  5. SirWillow

    Which way do you wear your Magic Band?

    I wear it just like I would a watch, except on the opposite wrist. So facing towards me.
  6. SirWillow

    Disney Worlder impressions of Tokyo Disney

    Loving the trip reports and the photos. Can't wait to see what you think of DisneySea
  7. SirWillow

    Concerns about the Matterhorn...

    Automated cameras that could capture an image of a fast moving vehicle did not. Nor was there a way to transmit the photo electronically at the time- it was all film, not digital. So somehow you had to get a way to get the picture from the camera to a place to develop the film, and there would...
  8. SirWillow

    Concerns about the Matterhorn...

    Except that the time the ride was built there weren't ANY rides anywhere that had on ride photos. The tech to do it didn't exist back then. That's almost like arguing that if George Washington had thought it wise to make a video phone call to the king of England he would have done so.
  9. SirWillow

    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    Not a full one, but expect them at indoor character locations. Tinkerbell at Grand Expo Princess Hall at Magic Kingdom Anna and Elsa at Epcot Adventurer's Outpost, with Mickey, at Animal Kingdom Star Wars Launch Bay at Studios and possibly Mickey at Expo. I'm still hearing that this may be a...
  10. SirWillow

    News Splash Mountain closing for lengthy refurbishment in early 2020

    Depends on which "mechanics" you're referring to. Mechanics can refer to the actual machinery of the ride and how it works as well. https://www.google.com/search?q=mechanics+definition&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS787US787&oq=mechanics+definition&aqs=chrome..69i57.2947j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 For...
  11. SirWillow

    Disney plus Imagineering

    I was about to respond with, "So was everything on the Travel Channel" when you responded with... LOL Funny how without realizing it how you covered that. What's really scary is how many of those old programs on the Travel Channel I recorded onto VHS tape over the years.
  12. SirWillow

    Have you seen what the Matterhorn is going through?

    I was actually pleased I was left off of that list. lol Though I'm going to be matching Phrubruh here in about 3 months. You're only as old as you think. I used to say feel, but there are times my body is starting to tell me I feel older than I want to feel. I can still wear out the kids...
  13. SirWillow

    News Splash Mountain closing for lengthy refurbishment in early 2020

    if you look outside of Florida and So California, most parks close for 2-4 months entirely, during which they do all of their ride rehabs and overhauls. There's nothing wrong with giving the mechanics, vehicles, ride systems, etc a good overhaul every year or two, and especially one with so...
  14. SirWillow

    Only one of the four WDW main parks is a "Theme Park".

    I'm trying to figure out why you would think that any of them aren't theme parks. If you want to see a park that isn't a theme park, but a true amusement park, check out Knoebel's, or most of the Cedar Fair parks (Knott's being the notable exception).
  15. SirWillow

    Question about the Headless Horseman

    I also remember when he used to race down the street. it was very cool to see. More than once is what I've heard, including a back stage story (that may or may not be true) that a guest who decided to cross the street in front of the horse got run over. I honestly don't know how many times...
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