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  1. Scott10

    Trip Report It's been 6 years and a global pandemic, but we are back!

    I see a Cavs fan!!! Nice jersey Brayden!!!
  2. Scott10

    What is YOUR WDW Decade?

    2001-2011 --- My family made a trip to the World every year from 2003-2012. With stays at Coronado Springs, All Star Movies, Port Orleans Riverside in a Royal Room, Wilderness Lodge and an amazing Savannah View room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the trips allowed us to enjoy variety and...
  3. Scott10

    Port Orleans: French Quarter or Riverside?

    Royal Room at Riverside! My family stayed in one a few years ago and my girls (wife and 2 daughters) loved it! We have also stayed in Alligator Bayou, but the Royal Room was a family favorite.
  4. Scott10

    Art of Animation

    A lot of walking, yes.....but we always went into our Disney vacation knowing that walking would be a major part of the vacation. The theming of this resort makes the walking very enjoyable. We stayed in a LM room a few years ago and our girls loved it. As has been mentioned, the big blue...
  5. Scott10

    My Walt Disney World Perler Bead Sign

    That is awesome! My wife and 2 daughters make Perler Bead Disney Characters for our Disney Tree at Christmas. They are about 1 ft. tall and varying widths depending on the character......having watched many being constructed, I can only imagine the time and patience that it took you to...
  6. Scott10

    How often do you go to Disney?

    We were once a year from 2003-2012. Haven't returned since as our oldest is a first year in college. Have been beach goers for the past few years, but would love to take our youngest daughter for one more trip, but the rising costs certainly makes it difficult to bring to fruition.
  7. Scott10

    Trip Report If you don't have a bag "entah" through the "centah"

    Congrats on the move! My family's vacation destination after leaving the parks has always been Madeira Beach, as my aunt introduced us to the area while she lived in Tampa and we LOVE it there.... I wish you guys nothing but the best in your new home!
  8. Scott10

    Magical Disney moments needed to help brighten my day

    My now 16 year old daughter was obsessed with Mulan as little girl. As we readied for our trip to Disney, all she could talk about was going to China to visit her. Well, on Epcot day, we arrive early to be sure to snag the first spot in line for her meet and greet, but in true 3 year old...
  9. Scott10

    Port Orleans Riverside - Royal Rooms?

    My daughter's LOVED the Royal Rooms on our visit a few years ago and we all loved the resort so much that we returned to stay in Alligator Bayou the following trip!
  10. Scott10

    Taking a Cab to GF before park opening?

    I have never been turned away when informing the guard that we are visiting the resort for possible future vacation plans!
  11. Scott10

    Upgrading to a deluxe question.

    Have stayed at AKL..... Nothing better than having a cup of coffee with the animals right outside your balcony while the rest of the family sleeps early in the morning! As for the letdown.....we enjoy deluxe when the budget allows, but otherwise we are just fine at POR!
  12. Scott10

    Christmas surprises left in room

    This would take place upon arrival, so I don't know if this is an option, but on our trip to the world over Christmas, I hustled a couple of presents from Santa from my vehicle into the room on Christmas morning along with a note from Santa telling our little one that the rest of her presents...
  13. Scott10

    Trip Report THE November ('14) Engagement Trip

    This is one of my favorite trip reports ever! You do a great job of story telling and the photos are amazing! Congratulations on your engagement as well!
  14. Scott10

    Trip Report Thank Heaven for Little Girls.

    As always, awesome trip report! My wife and I honeymooned to Clearwater Beach and Disney, so this report is really cool to follow along to! While not having Sterg on the trip had to be a bit of a bummer, having 2 daughters myself that are 8 years apart, I very much enjoyed your synopsis of...
  15. Scott10

    Would/Have you moved to FL (in part) for WDW?

    Being a teacher and having summers off, I would say a definite yes to the dream of moving to Florida and closer to Disney. My wife is a cake decorator and I once had her online checking out job opportunities at Disney, which I told her she would absolutely love, if she could get into that line...
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