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    Phone batteries lasting or not throughout the day

    The way you phrased your previous post made me think you were referring to some hidden setting to stop all programs running in the background. I know about the individual app settings (I have a Galaxy S8), I disable all the stupid bloatware as well as turn off notifications for about 90% of my...
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    Phone batteries lasting or not throughout the day

    Nope, because I have a handful of apps that I want running in the background. I usually just manually close all open apps and clear cache whenever I'm done using the phone for the moment. It has worked pretty well up to this point, usually by the end of the day I'm at about 40% or so (unless I'm...
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    Ridiculous or just plain weird in-queue stories, I wanna hear 'em.

    Um..........don't tell anyone but I goofed on my math, I'll be celebrating 19 years this year, not 18 (got married in 99). Shhh......don't tell my wife. :facepalm:
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    Ridiculous or just plain weird in-queue stories, I wanna hear 'em.

    I've never let my geek flag fly too high, but my wife knows me well enough these days that she just knows what I'm thinking and laughs at my geekiness(been married almost 19 years). Whats funny is I'm rubbing off on my son, hes 11 and loves WDW as much as I do, so my wife is outnumbered. I will...
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    Phone batteries lasting or not throughout the day

    Based on my personal experience, I think the battery issue is 100% caused by the Disney App. I have always used Android phones and if I use the Disney app while I'm in the park and for some reason forget to close it out completely (so its no longer running in the background), my battery would be...
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    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    That place is a complete crap shoot when it comes to food quality. We ate there back in 2013 and the food was excellent, I had the most amazing burger. But then we went again last year and it was the worst meal of our trip.
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    WDW Information AM Radio

    For any of you that drove down to WDW during the 80's and 90's, you will remember that when you could finally tune in to the WDW information radio station, you knew you were close and the excitement became that much more unbearable. Now I remember several different spiels that used to run on the...
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    Where in WDW is your “happy place”?

    Holy crap!! Are you me? My favorite spots have changed over the years, but what you just mentioned will always be some of my favorite childhood memories. EDIT: Speaking of the WDW radio, does anyone know where one could dig up a recording of that whole loop that used to play on that station?
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    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    I just have to say that I can't believe this thread is still active after 11 years. I haven't been on the site in quite a long time and to come back and find people are still posting here is pretty funny. The Yeti has been in B mode for the past 10 years. LOL!!
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    WDW has lost much of its magic.

    While you are more than welcome to your opinion, I will say that you seem to continually set yourself up for disappointment by expecting to relive the experience you had as a kid in the 80s and 90s. WDW has evolved from those days to appeal to a wider audience (that seem to have different tastes...
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    What makes Disney such an attractive vacation destination...

    For me and my family, its all about leaving the stresses of life behind you for a few days and escaping to a world of fun. When we're in WDW nothing exists outside of the parks as far as we are concerned, no day to day stress, no schedules, no traffic, no appointments; just lots of fun, food...
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    Where in WDW is your “happy place”?

    PoTC or the area of Adventureland just outside of it. Also World Showcase
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    Would Disney ever put a ride at a resort?

    This is feasibly the only situation where they would ever put any sort of ride anywhere outside the parks. A small carousel at Boardwalk would make sense as far as continuity and theming, anything beyond that would just be dumb. Why have theme parks if you're not going to put all your rides in...
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    Star Wars All-Inclusive "Star Ship" Resort?

    That would be completely awesome. The idea of a complete immersion resort where you are allowed/encouraged to dress in costume to participate in the immersion(a la Westworld) sounds absolutely amazing. However, I doubt they would ever take it that far, the costs alone for staff upkeep(makeup...
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    Tipping Mousekeeping

    The problem with that is its not guaranteed income and most wait staff have to take on a second job just to make ends meet, its becoming more and more common for people not to tip, especially since most European countries do not allow tipping of wait staff since they're paid full hourly wages...
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