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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Hmmm...doesn't sound promising......
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Is that the only thing they are preserving from Club Cool? Or are there plans to reintroduce the beverage samples somewhere? Anyone know? I'm already missing my shot of Beverly!
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    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    Ew... yeah you're probably right...
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    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    You make an excellent point - EPCOT was (and still has the potential to be) it's own IP! Especially if there was an Epcot Magazine type (weekly?) show to help provide exposure to the wider audience via one or more of Disney's cable channels.
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    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    In the early 80's, there was a show that was at least taped in EPCOT Center, called EPCOT Magazine, and was shown on the very new Disney Channel. It was a lot like the kind of show that you describe above.
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    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    I agree.... I like it better when attractions are unique and new or at least present a new take on the story. For me, a retelling of the story doesn't really add anything.
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    New water-side restaurant 'Spice Road Table' coming to Epcot's Morocco Pavilion?

    Car magnets? What? How did I miss this? Catching up on oooold news I know, but I didn't hear anything about a magnet.
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    New Adventureland Stage

    I miss that steel drum band....
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    Imagination Demolition?

    All I can say is WOW! It's been so long since I saw the original, I forgot just how detailed it was! And no bad smells being sprayed at you either! Thanks for posting Merf! And thanks for the original video Martin!
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    Imagination Demolition?

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    Body Wars reopening on official Disney site?

    Not necessarily. For example, I doubt Disney spent a bunch of money to fill in the 20K Leagues lagoon and demolished the show building in the MK just to put in a playground. Sometimes keeping a building and grounds maintained can cost more than the demolition over the long run. Don't get...
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Continued)

    Great photo!
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    At sse

    Both of you said it so well! The new music really has a classic, exciting, and optimistic Epcot Center "feel" to it, while still being new and fresh. I think it will really draw people into the SSE queue. Do you think this load music is actually part of the ride music score? I hope so! Thanks...
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    Shopping! Food! Other stuff! 11/21

    Ah...I see. Thanks! I thought there might be something special going on that I missed!
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    Surprise new narrator on SSE

    Oh, I don't mind Stacey...but just not for SSE! :D
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