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  1. pooh-san

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    This a deal breaker for me. It was already getting too crazy and expensive, I was exhausted after our last trip. Take this away ... yeah, I think we need a break. My kids are getting older now, we’ll do Universal for a day or two then go to beach. For the money we spend it’s not worth the...
  2. pooh-san

    Where to buy diapers?

    Flying to WDW on Dec 10th with two kids in diapers, don't really want to pack diapers in the suitcase? Is there a convenient place to get diapers in WDW or on-site hotels (staying at Pop Century & AKL)? Would we better off sending a couple of boxes through with us on the flight - flying by...
  3. pooh-san

    Dining Plan Overlap

    Thanks! Does the Key To the World card also contain your park tickets? I bought extra days on my first package because it's a cheaper rate the more you buy, then just got the minimum on the second package. Theme park tickets don't expire for something like 14 days (unless you get the No...
  4. pooh-san

    Dining Plan Overlap

    Just want to make sure I'm planning this properly ... We're staying at two different hotels on our upcoming trip, we booked two separate packages each with a Dining Plan. Dining Plan credits don't expire until midnight of your check-out date, correct? So ... if we arrive late and only eat...
  5. pooh-san

    Perks? How bout morning newspaper at every resort

    I would not like to have a newspaper or see one at any time while I'm in Disneyworld. I don't want wi-fi, I'd like to have all calls on my cell phone blocked that don't orginate from inside the parks. I wouldn't even bring my phone, but it's handy to have when the family splits up.
  6. pooh-san

    Reservations for Mid-December?

    This is quite a surprise, I'm glad I asked! Most of the information I've read said the first few weeks of December and then again the first couple weeks in January are the best times to go. 60-80 min. wait? I'll be traveling with a 3 year old & a 1.5 year old ...
  7. pooh-san

    Reservations for Mid-December?

    Just curious ... Planning to visit the parks in mid-December (of 2012). Except for the Character Meals, is it really necessary to make early reservations during that season? Are things booked far in advance during slow seasons, too?
  8. pooh-san

    If money were no object, what would you STILL not do at Disney?

    This is kind of a fun question. I think I would definately eat at Victoria & Albert's; that might even be the first thing I'd do. I've eaten at a lot of really good places, but I've never done a 5-diamond restaurant. Would like to see what that's all about. The Grand Floridian, however ...
  9. pooh-san

    Journey to the Center of the Earth???

    Journey to the Center of the Earth is a HUGE attraction in Tokyo DisneySea. At least as big as Indiana Jones, if not bigger. The line, like that of 20K Leagues Under the Sea, is exquisitely themed, again, much like Indiana Jones. Putting either of these DisneySea versions into WDW would be a...
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