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Matt and Kelly
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  • Hey so instead of creating a new thread and filling it with tons of photos, I have opted for just makeing an album in my profile of my Holiday photos if your interested. Have a great trip, wish I could still be therer!
    Hey there...I post on the 'How Many Days' thread and I always see your posts and I know your trip is coming up very soon.
    Just wanted to say have a wonderful trip! The Swan is one of my favorites.
    Hello Again! So I have just returned from my trip and must tell you that if you have never been during the Holiday season (Thanksgiving - New Years) Than you must! Everything seems so much more magical with all the Christmas decorations and lights guilding evreything that is nailed down. I ended up staying at the DTD Hilton since I couldn't get a room at CBR for a few nights. Honestly, after touring it I'm not sure I would want to stay there, it is quiet large and I don't care for the food nor the layout of the resort also there seemed to be a lot of children there and I prefer a more calm envirorment. I would suggest CSR or PORRS & FQ for moderates stays in the future. ANyway keep a look out for my X-mas picks I shall post them soon.
    Hey I was just going over my messages and remembered I didn't get back to you! So my plan was to go in Sept. but I ended up canceling my trip because I had to go to Las Vegas fro my friends wedding! I will be there from the 1 19th of Nov - the 3rd but will be staying in our condo in Coco Beachj for most of the trip, I may stay a few nights in the World and I will report back on CBR should i stay there its depends on whats available.
    Absolutely! as soon as I get back from my trip. However comma I have been debating on switching resorts to either PORS or I may try the Swan. Either way I'm going to friend you so we have a line of communication, that way I will be able to answer your question in the future.
    The cute kid pics did it for you didn't it? Throw in a tour and I'm golden!

    We're going to stay at the Pop for 2 weeks in September. My kids are so ready...and as is their mom! If you go back next spring you'll have to let us know!
    Oh Matty....you simply must stay on property. I mean, come on, you have cute pictures....imagine how much cuter they would be if you had resort pics to go with them! I say go with the Pop. It's great. My kids will come give you a personal tour. It's their favorite too.
    Hey Matty, we love The Pop, it's a lot of fun. I don't know where you usually stay but we've stayed at all levels and really enjoy it. I've stayed at All Star Music twice and would pick the Pop.
    The whole bus thing is a huge plus, and also Pop is the newest of all values, which makes one think it's a little more updated.
    Yes, let me know!
    Good luck in your choice.
    I just saw your question in your signature about staying at either an All Star or Pop.
    IMO, give Pop a try! Never stayed there, but I hear its the best of the values PLUS it's on it's own bus line...unlike the All Stars which share 1 bus line among all 3 hotels and no sharing with the All Stars.
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