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  • My family and I love your informative videos! More ultimate tributes, please!

    P.S.: My son loves your opening song ("We've Just Begun to Dream")
    Did you see the Mouseplanet article about the possibility of a ride just to get to the Star Wars Land which would be exactly where you are talking about? I love his ideas about have a dark side and a good side with attractions on both. It was done by Todd King and was a 3 part series.
    Hey Martin,

    A bit of an update. I just noticed today when I try to play a YouTube video of yours (on iOS) through a US VPN - making it appear as though I'm requesting the video from the U.S. - everything works fine.

    Perhaps there are regional settings preventing Canadians from watching the videos on mobile? As soon as I turn off the VPN I get the error message preventing playback again.
    Therre seems to be a problem now and then. I've had the settings checked and nothing is set so they won't play. Sorry!
    Hey Martin,

    Any idea why I can't ever pull up your YouTube videos on my iPhone? It's as though they are blocked on mobile. Desktop / Web version of YouTube works fine.
    Hey my man! I just booked my trip for Sept 15 - 23, when is your next visit .. PM me, or whatever
    I've not heard anything. Not that that means much. That pavilion has had more proposals over the last 8 years than I remember.
    Hey Martin, I had heard a rumor regarding the Imagination Pavilion, and I am wondering if there is any credence to it. I have heard that Muppets will be moving to the EO theater, and Imagination will be converted to a Muppets ride on the lower level, and a Muppets Lab on the upper level. It sounded intriguing and I figured I would ask someone in the know about it.
    Hi Martin!

    I'm big fan of your Disney history videos! :D I wonder if i can ask you bunch of questions about WDW history and attractions? Thanks! I want learn about it more :)
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