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  • Howdy! If felt good to go back to the meeting last night. I know it was only one but with all the turmoil, drama and overeating I felt like it was a loooong time. Are you tracking? I haven't been but I will start soon.

    I really wanted to chat more last night but man! did the wind kick up and make it cold! It wasn't even cold all day long. I immediately cranked the heat up once I was in my car.

    I haven't been sleeping well again. I was so tired last night and when I went to bed just tossed and turned. Ugh. I need to get some sleep because I do not want to get sick. I wish there was a switch that could just turn off my brain once I laid down, that's what I really need!
    I just sent a request to join the Relocate the Weight on FB. I have been doing pretty well since we got home. We are getting a big donation ready today and hopefully taking down the tree.

    So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night! Seems like forever since we've seen each other, LOL.....
    We're home now! It was a roller coaster trip because of my mom and some things (not of her doing) that didn't go well. Like the water in the trailer at the lake wasn't working. Oh well, I am glad to be home but I have SO MUCH on my plate that needs to get done I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed.

    I did horrible while I was away and I am definitely expecting a big gain. I'm just hoping it's not more than 5 lbs. Oh well, if it is, I am ready to get back on board. I am definitely looking forward to seeing you Tue. night!
    Have you been able to enter the sweepstakes yet? I will have to try to do it from my phone since we're leaving tomorrow.
    Wow, I'm very excited for you and your big loss!! Keep it going and pass it on to me, too! LOL...

    Well, we have a new livingroom now!! We got the sectional, a rug, two accent pillows and two end tables!! Our living room looks amazing now! I'm so happy with the couch. But, of course, it couldn't go too smoothly. When we were putting on the legs one was cracked completely in half! But since I was headed to World Market to pick up the end tables I ran by Costco to switch it out. They gave me no problems at all, thankfully. Now I just need to find table lamps, a floor lamp and possibly a sofa table. I can show you pics next week at the meeting.

    We will definitely plan to get together, and not one of those vague "Yeah, let's get together!" and then it never happens! We'll figure something out soon.
    Ok, I just saw your post and what the announcement was. Like you, unless you're there it doesn't really affect people.

    BUT I am going to try to enter the sweepstakes everyday. I doubt we'll win, we just don't have that kind of luck but it won't hurt to try. I just need to remember to do it everyday!
    No I didn't see what the announcement was and I've been looking for it! I'll have to check it out. Dang it, now I'm super curious to what it is.....

    Wow, you totally did PAR-TAY!! You must be feeling like this today: :snore::dazzle::cool: LOL, awesome, I'm glad you had some fun after the week you've had.

    We'll have to try to get together though outside of WW. Btw, I'm sure I've gained yesterday because of our dinner (though my steak was small and I only ate half the potato) but Lee and I also ate at Five Guys!! WHAT?!? Man, oh man, am I gonna have to settle down. That doesn't include the cupcakes and cookies and muffins I ate!! I'm on a downward spiral but I'll come out of it, of that I am sure, especially now that the holidays are officially over. :sohappy:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How was your evening? Did you par-tay the night away? We had a very low-key evening. Lee made awesome steaks on the grill (from Costco - the best we've found), loaded baked potatos (turkey bacon), broccoli (no ones pick but MINE) and the Pepperidge Farm French rolls (sooo good but almost burned them! LOL). Then Tristan went to his friends house (boo....) and we just watched tv until 5 min. till 12 when Sean came downstairs and we watched the ball drop. After that we all went to bed. I bought party gear but we never even broke open the box. I guess I'll save it for next year. Big woo, right? LOL, I almost forgot - from Costco I also picked up mini red velvet cupcakes that were beyond delicious! I had a sample at the store and immediately put them in my cart! Hey, when you see a good thing - right? Plus they were cheaper than the dessert tray I was going to get from Publix by $10! So that was our night. How was yours?
    We stayed at PO: R and loved it. We were on the Magnolia Bend section though. It was beautiful and peaceful, but yes, I do remember the buses having to make a few stops but that wasn't really a problem. We were between the main building and the bus stops so we were in a good location. I don't think we'll ever stay in the Alligator Bayou section though, LOL, it's just not my thing. Coronado Springs is huge though. I'd think there'd be more stops with that resort than PO. That's a property I don't think we'll stay in because of it's size. Let me know if you want to know what building we stayed in that was in a good location. (I can't remember off the top of my head, lol.)

    Lee and I found a new sofa today!! And get this, we'll be saving between $500-700 dollars getting it from Costco. I'm so excited, I hate our couch. We are getting a sectional and it's exactly everything I was looking for. We will get it Mon.
    I'm on the ball - I have done all 5 calenders for our house with birthdays, school stuff and the days Lee and I get paid. They are all hanging and ready for the new year! I also finally scotchgarded my new WDW purse! Now comes the major project of cleaning out and switching purses! The new one is waaaaay smaller so I'll be cutting down on the stuff I carry. Which as heavy as my purse is, is definitely a good thing.

    I have finally started looking at WDWmagic again consistently! Yes, it took me this long to actually want to read all the posts again. I'm back on board, LOL...
    Yeah, I have a difficult time with stuff like that, too. Should we worry about people who are totally comfortable with it though? lol...

    Wow, that sounds awesome, another trip in 2012! I am going to see what Lee thinks about a weekend trip to Orlando to go to Universal for the new HP park for Tristan's birthday. Don't know if he'll go for it or not. The whole thing from Fri to Sun for 4 and 1 day park passes will be under $800. Well, if I did the "Plan Your Trip" thing correctly. Guess what? It's not as easy as Disney's!! Either that or I'm just used to Disney's, LOL. It could be. I am glad you get to go back to the Happiest Place on Earth though!
    I'm headed out the door in a minute but wanted to see how everyone is doing. I feel very bad that '12 is starting out so badly for Sandy, you and Rick's family and friends. I have to hope that it will only get better. And I totally agree with you 100% about "living". I honestly believe Sandy is saving Rick from a terrible existence. I just hope she's at peace with her decision. Take care....
    Just checking in to see how things are. I know this is an incredibly sad time but hang in there. I'm still thinking and praying for you all.
    I am so sorry to hear the news about Rick. I hope Sandy will be okay. What sad, sad news. I will definitely keep all of you in my prayers.

    As for last night, I almost didn't go. I decided at the last minute that I would. I'm glad I did. I think it would be a bad turning point to just not go but although it wasn't "great" I did better than expected. Instead of a gain I lost 1/2 a lb! Yay! I said in the meeting how I have been feeling a little bad about being on a roller coaster since Sept. but I realized the other day that I'd rather have that than a continual gain. And then I felt better about it. Though I AM looking forward to a new year and hope by next holiday season I'll handle it a bit better than I did this year.
    Omg, I can't believe it. How awful, I will keep you all in my prayers. I'm so sorry to hear that. Take care and when you get a chance let me know how you are all doing. (I won't be there next week because we will be in AL then. Sorry.)
    Oh man, it doesn't sound good for Rick. Will keep him, you and Sandy in my prayers. I'll check my messages tomorrow. Hope all gets better than what you've reported.
    Oh I'm so glad you liked the cookies! Which one was your favorite? I'm still a classic choc. chip girl but the almond butterscotch is a close second.

    I will be at tomorrow's meeting since we aren't going away till the 3rd. If you wanted all of us to go to dinner then the only night Lee can make it is tomorrow. We could go after the meeting. After that Lee is working the rest of the week.

    How is Rick doing? Is he still in the hospital? Not much of a holiday for him, huh? I hope he's feeling better soon.

    Our Christmas was great but for me personally it ran the gamut of great, mixed and bad. Great cause it just was, mixed because even though Lee got me what I asked for none of it was really "me" so I spent this morning trying to exchange stuff and finally bad because I was on the verge of a migraine all day long. So that wasn't great but still it was a wonderful day.
    Done work, home relaxing in my jammies and I wanted to say a giant "THANK YOU!!" for the Christmas gift you gave me! That was so thoughtful of you and, of course, I loved it!! (Stitch - how did you know?!? LOL) I feel bad just giving you cookies but I hope you liked them at least.

    How has your week been? I decided at the last minute to get Lee one more gift that I picked up today and it's already wrapped and under the tree. All I have to do is get a turkey and I'm all set. I can't wait for Sat. to do all our Christmas Eve traditions.

    I was thinking maybe you'd like to go out to dinner some time next week before we go away? I was hoping maybe all of us my family and yours but if it only ends up just us, that's okay, too. What do you think?
    I also need to make a choc/mint almond bark for Tristan's teachers, the bus drivers and Tristan's guitar instructor. The recipe looks super easy, let's hope it's as easy as it says it is!!

    Tristan got his schedule for next semester, too. He'll have Honors 9th grade Lit, Advanced Math, Spanish II and Intro. to Law & Justice II. He was happy with his new schedule but he is a bit nervous about having his english and math in the same semester. I reminded him that he did excellent last year in his math class. He's like me in that area - math is not his favorite subject but unlike me he's good at it.
    I've started tracking again. Although I haven't done today, I went out for our Christmas party and even though I didn't eat half my dinner I was too full afterwards. I think that's a good sign.

    I'm tired tonite. Didn't sleep well last night and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Although I have to make cookies for Lee to take to his crew. I'm making 5 different kinds so that will end up being an all day thing. Not terrible but it's not all that fun either. Especially since we don't get to keep any. We might have one of each flavor but that's not a lot considering how long I'm making them! (I'm making choc. chip, peanut butter w/ pb chips, choc. cookie w/ white choc. chips, butterscotch almond and a cinnamon cookie with pecans and dark choc. chips. The cinnamon cookie is my newest creation, I hope it tastes good! LOL)

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