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  • OMG, I LOVE the Rock-n-Roller coaster and Expedition Everest!! They're tied for my #2 spot! Though we've been 3 times with the kids last year was the first time me and my younger son went on RnR! The 1st time he was too small and became so upset I didn't go on either, the 2nd time it was closed for refurbishment! I coudn't believe it! So 3rd time was the charm and it instantly became one of my favorites! I agree with you, I'm not going to complain about my DH's hours being cut I"m just glad he has a job. Thank you so much for your offer! Unfortunately I have no college degree but the experience I have is in banking (teller), retail and clerical. Wow, I'd appreciate any help, lead or anything in finding a job!
    Well, I was hoping to stay at the Poly but my husband's hours at work have been cut a lot and now I'm wondering if our tax return will be enough to pay for it. If it's not then we'll go where ever we can afford! As long as we can still go, that's all that matters. We've had the best times no matter where we stayed, so we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime I'm looking for a job after staying home with my kids. Not sure how lucky I'll be but maybe something will come along. What are your favorite and least favorite rides? My all-time favorite ride is Tower of Terror (LOVE IT!!) and least favorite ride that I will never go on again, lol, is the Astro Orbiter!
    I think we sound a lot alike in our planning! I also know what park we're going to each day, the EMH for the day and what restaurants we're going to eat in. I think it's best especially when we have ADR's. Before I choose a restaurant I go through the menus to make sure there is something for everyone to eat. I am **** too. LOL, I'm not sure I could go without any plan but then again I don't plan our every minute of every day. I don't want to get into a routine and each time we've gone it's been different and we like that. What hotel are you staying in this year?
    We have our "family favorites" which are Beaches & Cream, Kona Cafe and Casey's Corner (obviosly we are not fancy food people, LOL!). But others we really like are the Cape May Clam Bake, Turf Club Bar & Grill, 50's, Columbia Harbour House, Grand Floridian Cafe and Mama Melrose's. Now one I found that I loved last year was the Rose & Crown Pub. My husband didn't go because he was ill be me and the kids really enjoyed that place. We've really enjoyed all the places we've eaten except Pizza Planet the first year we went and we've never been back. We try to go to different places each trip and everyone gets one choice of a place to go back to plus we go to a "family favorite". I know we'll definitely want to try the new Via Napoli and the new mexican restaurant. We also haven't tried any signature restaurants yet but that may change on this next trip. Do you guys follow a plan or routine or just wing it when you go?
    We've had free dining the last two times we've gone but last year we paid the difference between the regular and deluxe. I don't know if we'll do that next year or not. It's a lot of food but there is so much good food to be had there, so I don't know yet. We use our tax return to pay off the whole thing at once. Then I count the days til I can made our ADR's. What are some of your favorite restaurants?
    No we haven't done the dinner then Wishes thing yet but it sounds awesome! So you two get to see all the Christmas decorations! We've only seen the Halloween ones and I love those so much I just hope to see the Christmas ones someday in real life, not just in pictures, lol! I'm going to hope and pray they have a discount on the rooms for you so you get to stay in PO:FQ it is such a neat hotel. One thing I absolutely adore about WDW is how they go all out with their theming. It's just amazing to me. I'm surprised you didn't care for the POP, we loved it there, especially the kids, they thought it was soooo cool to take the stairs down inside a giant yo-yo. They were only 5 & 9 at the time though.

    Do you get the dining plan? Aren't you going to be there when they are still offering the free DDP this year?
    I LOVE the Port Orleans: French Quarter! Your daughter (I'm just assuming she's school age) will love the pool, too. The slide looks like a dragon and you slide out through the mouth. We haven't been there with the kids yet though, we stayed when it was just the two of us. We've stayed at the All-Star Music, Pop, Port Orleans: Riverside and last year at the Grand Floridian. We won't be going back until Sept. '11. I'm hoping to stay at the Poly, if we can afford it. If not our next choice would be Port Orleans: French Quarter. Oh geez, I could go on and on.....
    Do you drive down? We do. It's not a bad drive, especially when we decided to do it over two days to maximize the very first day of our vacations.
    yes we usually drive down. we love this time of the year. I would imagine there would be a room only discount. I seem to remember one yr before last around this same time
    Hi Lisa! How cool that you're in Kennesaw, too! I'm the biggest Disney freak in my family, lol, I think I drive everyone crazy, even my kids! Thanks for sending me a message!
    I just adopted my daughter late last year, our trip in June will be her first visit. I'm planning on taking her to the Biergarten when we go, if she gets bored then so be it. Mommy and Daddy are allowed to have a little fun from time to time too. Its not always about the kids 100% of the time. ;)
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