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  • Hello! Are you watching the Super Bowl right now? I will once I get off the computer. I got all my Valentine's Day shopping done today. Gifts for teachers, my kindergarteners, Lee and the kids. I went cheap this year on the kids spending only $1.80 on each, $2.10 if you count the little container I bought to put them in. What made it so cheap were the coupons I had. Wait! No, it was even cheaper because I used my Target Debit card and got an extra 5% off, too! Lee's was about $3, not including the 5% discount. For the teachers I got the coolest thing - 1 box of white chocolate covered fortune cookies and 1 box of dark chocolate covered fortune cookies and they're packaged in chinese food container boxes. I thought that was a little different than the usual Valentine's Day stuff.

    I almost [ bought some Disney jammies at Target too but I decided to take a chance on waiting for them to go on a better sale.
    Oh I know all too well how quickly time goes by! LOL, sometimes I hate it and other times, like knowing it makes our trips come faster is when it's okay.

    I have NO allowance points left till next Wed! I'm not doing so well for the week. I'm going out with everyone from work tonight and I have 17 pts. left, so today I am doing ok. I just need to keep that up.

    I will be on Cloud 9 thinking about all the stuff we'll get to do, like revisiting some restaurants. I love eating at WDW as much as I love going! Oooooh, I will absolutely have to get a chocolate ear dipped MM rice crispy treat!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....................
    Hey there! How is your week going? Mine is okay. I'm doing "ok" on my eating and I have been tracking, so that's at least good.

    I got my dishes today and I was SO EXCITED and then when I got to the last 2 sets -they were the wrong color! WTH??? Anyway, I ended up getting impatient and went to Macy's earlier. Well, my complaining is over - the girl returned all my stuff and gave me 20% off instead of 15%!! WooHOO! I saved almost $30 more dollars! YAY!

    I still cannot get over the fact that we are going to WDW later this year! And to go to a brand new restaurant, see the lights, processional and Christmas decorations is almost too much! How will I ever contain myself till Nov.? I won't make it.....
    I have to go do laundry now - NO! I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!!

    I did stop at the Disney Store while I was at the mall and found 2 more tees I want plus one for one of my guys. Who, I don't know yet. But I decided to wait till they had a better sale, they were the regular price of 2 for $28. I can wait.

    I did finally find a new clock for our mantle that I liked. Found it at HomeGoods for $13! All the ones I saw on eBay were for at least $25 and I coudn't find mantle clocks in any of the stores I checked - Target, WM, Sears, Kirklands or Ross!! So when I saw this one, liked it and then saw the price - heck, I couldn't walk away. We've been going crazy since I took our old wall clock down. Lee and I STILL keep checking the spot where it used to be!! So, he was happy I found one, too, lol.

    I guess you could say all is well here. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and today went well for you too! See you Tues!
    Hola, how was the rest of your day? I so enjoyed lunch out today! And I'm so glad you liked your gift, I really think you're going to like those Tervis Tumblers, they are great. They'll keep your drink cold for hours! I haven't used it for a hot drink yet though so I can't tell you how well it works for that.

    Well, naturally I couldn't buy my dishes at Macy's because they didn't have one of the colors I wanted in stock. So I ordered them online still getting the BOGO + 15% off and free shipping! Yay! I'm so excited for them to come in. I ended up getting 2 sets of each color - plum, cobalt, shamrock and peacock. Considering the set regular price would have been $400 and I got 8 place settings for $180 I think I did pretty well. I know that's a lot to spend but I doubt I'll be buying any more dishes ever. It was another splurge on my part. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the dishes I have now. Hmmm.....
    I just sent you an email and realized the other stuff I forgot.

    First off - I finally (!) started tracking again today! And Lee is going to do it with me, too. I think that will make it easier. I'm ready to lose the lbs. I've gained.

    Also, (I'm on my seat's edge thinking I might be going to WDW this year!!!!) what are the details on your trip? I know I asked about the dates but what hotel are you staying in? Are you sure you don't want me to pay for staying with you? Also, since we've never gone without the dining plan I have no idea how much to bring for food. How do you usually eat? At mostly counters? My mind is spinning right now. WOOWOO!!!! Oh yeah, and you just get the base tickets, too, right?
    I have been jonesing for Disney a lot lately, too. I'm not sure why exactly. I keep entering the contest daily, once on my computer and once by text. Now watch, if I won that would probably disqualify me!! But I have been reading the threads/posts daily again, looking up stuff at the store, more pictures to use for my avatar and backrounds - jonesing!!

    Not excited about tonight but I will be there ready to face the music. I'll be happy as long as I lose, I don't care if it's .01 lb!
    Aha! I have my wristlet in my hand right now ready to take it downstairs and put it in my purse!! Yay, I remembered!

    So when I got home Sean came running down the stairs all excited (no, not because I was home!) his BFF called and wanted to know if he could go to DISNEY with them for his birthday later this year!! When I finally got a chance to call his mom back later in the evening I got the details. They will go down Oct. 25 (Sean's actual birthday) and come home on the 28th. They're staying off property and will spend one day at MK and one day at Universal. Plus the hotel has an awesome pool. I told Sean, "Oh, I think you should go only if I can go to." LOL.... So, now he really has something to look forward to this year. Sean spends a lot of time at their house and Bonnie said when he's there he's like a second son. She made a comment on them being like brothers and Gavin spoke up and said, "He IS my brother!" How lucky is he?!?
    I will have to remember to put my wristlets in my purse to show you! I hope going out this upcoming weekend works out, I'm really looking forward to it. The weekend is almost over. Why does it seem to go by so fast no matter what you do?
    How did the Celebration thing go? I hope it was easy and enjoyable (?) and no one ruined the day. I also hope it wasn't too stressfull for you or Sandy.

    We are all better now in our house. I just had the kids spray all the high touch areas with Lysol. I am almost done with my prescribed meds and have been having a roller coaster week with my eating. It seems like something keeps coming up that keeps me from getting back 100%. First "the curse" and then getting sick. Although going out with the ladies from work the other night doesn't exactly qualify! I had a pina colada!

    Other than that it's been fairly boring around here. We still have so much cleaning to do and have done none lately. I really want to get organized this year, I'm tired of my house being such a pigsty.
    I am feeling much, much better due to the meds the dr. prescribed. I went to work yesterday and felt okay till I got home then I had a bit of a headache but not bad. I'm done the anti-biotic and almost done the prednesone. So Yay!

    BUT, Sean stayed home today and then right about 12 I got a call from KMHS about Tristan. I thought he might be faking since Sean was home till the nurse said he had ove 100 degree temp! So, I still have a house full of sickies!

    Did I tell you I couldn't find my D&B wristlet the other night? I almost went into a panic cause I could not figure out how I could lose it overnight!! I finally found it under my bed after remembering I had put it on top of some clothes I brought up. Whew! What a relief!

    Are you ready for the weekend?
    I also goty the 2 tees I ordered, too! So cute!! I can't wait to wear them!

    Took Tristan to his check-up for the ADD meds today. He has high blood pressure so I have to get a BP sleeve to check it out for the next two weeks because the dr. wants to see if it stays high and then rule out the meds. I was suprised she didn't mention his weight but I'm guessing she wants to rule out the meds first. It was kind of a stressfull day.
    Well, the headache I has last night kept me up almost all night long. Since it was getting worse instead of better I decided to not go to work and go to the urgent care center instead. Turns out I have a sinus infection. The dr. gave me 4 prescriptions and 1 OTC medicine to take. I came home, took all the meds and promptly went to bed. I slept for about 4 hours and feel a little better but I can tell I'm probably going to need to take the stuff for at least a day before I feel better.....sigh....at least I'm on my way.

    I got my wristlet in the mail yesterday! I'll bring it with me on Tue. so you can see it. It's really cute and bigger than I thought it would be. It will fit my phone, cards AND a lipstick just fine! I do have to get something small to hold my cards though, I don't want them in there loose and sliding around.
    I had another bad week due to "the curse" I had all week. Seems like I was constantly hungry. Oh well, now that it's over with I can, once again, try to get back on track. I had a good weekend though.

    Sean had a 24 hr. bug over the weekend. His stomach was cramping all day long. It got so bad at times he was in tears. Thankfully he was better the next day and went to school today. I suffered from a headache all weekend long. As a matter of fact on Sat. I took a 3 hour nap cause I wasn't feeling too good. I think that actually kept me from getting sick!

    Tristan should bring his report card home today. He pulled the "the teacher forgot to give it to us" thing on Fri. I think because he knows he's losing all his stuff, too, and he wanted to keep it for the weekend. Oh well, today's the day.
    The D&B wristlet was $49.99 which is still expensive to me but waaaay cheaper than their next cheapest price of $145! Plus I've been wanting to try one to see if I would want to use it at WDW. I'll be sure to bring it to show you once it comes in.

    My day got a bit better till I saw Sean's report card - 3 C's! Ugh. Not happy at all and I had to take all his stuff away. He can get it back when all his grades are at B's or above.

    How did Lindsey's dr's appt go? Tristan's appt for the same thing is Wed. His last appt was in Feb of last year but I don't think they're right, it doesn't seem that long ago. I still need to pick up his prescription at WM.
    Finally, early this morning I woke up at 3:38 am with bad cramps & I got my period! I can't even remember the last time I got it overnight. Bleah.

    So that's my week! On top of that Tristan has come down late every morning for school. Man, I am so ready for this weekend! Good thing I'm off Mon cause I have to pick up Tristan from an overnight club activity tomorrow morning at 7 am!

    Oh I have also been spending too much too! One thing I got - a Dooney & Bourke Disney wristlet!! I splurged. Plus 2 more Disney tees so I could get free shipping! Oh AND 2 more pairs of Crocs. I've been very naughty!!
    Another thing, Wed I went to Walmart to pick up stuff for dinner. Yesterday I realized I forgot the frozen broccoli for my chicken Alfredo. So I stopped by Aldi on my way home from work. Got the sauce all made & when I picked up the box of pasta I found it 1/4 full! Since I had to pick up Tristan from his club I stopped by Publix. On the plus side dinner did end up AMAZING!!
    Thanks for the Hope House info, I'll look it up.

    I'm having such an off week! Yesterday I had errands to run & I thought I looked gooood till I got in the truck & saw my pants were not the brown I thought but olive instead which made my outfit totally not match!! So I went back & put on the pants I knew were brown - way too big. I then put back on the 1st pair of pants & finally find a top only to remember after it's on that it needs a tank under it.
    I am very glad to be back on a schedule again. I really feel like the kids needed it too. I'm having to get tough with them and tell them no Xbox, DS, games on their iPod or anything until they get their rooms clean. Especially for Sean. I started noticing his eyes being bloodshot, at first I thought it was from not getting enough sleep and now I suspect it's from playing games too much? So last night I broke the bad news - no games at all during the school week. Guess what - he was NOT happy. LOL, oh well.... And I don't even think I've told Tristan yet about no Xbox till their rooms are cleaned yet! I am going to have some super grumpy kids on my hands this weekend! Quick! Where's my stash of chocolate! LMAO....

    Not much going on really. Hope your week is going well!
    I saw your post on FB about Hope House. I have some stuff I'd like to donate. Do they have a drop-off site or do they just pick up? It's not a lot of stuff that's why I ask.

    Well, yesterday some more of my tooth broke off again. I don't know if I told you when it first started but it didn't bother me then so I didn't go to the dr. Well, I thought at first it wasn't bothering me but when I ate that's when I found the problem. I tried filing it down like I read online and that worked a bit but I may have to end up going to the dreaded dentist. Ugh! I have to see if I filed it down enough for it not to bother me. Of course, if it gets worse or starts hurting, you will know where to find me. The thing is what's sharp isn't my tooth but the edges of the filling that was in the tooth. Oh well, the old wait and see bit's gonna have to do it.
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