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Recent content by Lisa

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    Two day/2 park pass

    Thanks for all the info!! Park hopping was one of my theories in buying the 2/2 AND if I'm not mistaken it also allows you to obtain more than one fast pass at a time! Thanks again kids!! Lisa:D
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    Two day/2 park pass

    OK....as always my trusted friends...I have a question! In the past I've prepurchased flex tix for my week in Orlando. The convenience was not standing on ticket lines, I had 7 days to fulfill my visits and not having to carry around the $$ to purchase tickets when I got there was an...
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    Is there a guest relations addy?

    I'd be happy to share! Send me an E-Mail and I'll forward my letter. It's very LONG! From a bug in my food (no joke!) to my apprehending someone trying to steal my GF robe!! I'm so unhappy! Lisa
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    Is there a guest relations addy?

    I just sent an E-mail note to Disney regarding the very unanticipated, miserable time I had this past week at the Floridian, and hoped I could follow up with a snail mail letter. Is there a guest relations postal address? Thanks for the help! Lisa :cry:
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    Dinner/Fantasmic pkge question?

    :veryconfu Last night I called Disney with this question and I spoke with a very confused, albeit sweet man who read me half of the Disney web site over the phone (on MY dime) and still couldn't come up with an answer. I called back hoping to get another voice and Mr. "Sweet" answered again...
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    Favorite Place for Character Meals?

    No Vanryan....you have not gone off the deep end!! I travel to Disney from NJ 4 times/yr and go just as crazy with every single trip. If you were alone in your madness....do you really think there would be so many web sites devoted to the "magic"?? And BTW, I have been to Chef Mickeys at the...
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    weirdest disney world experience?

    Thats ironic that others have mentioned "cranky" parents under this thread since my weirdest experience also includes a parental problem! We were walking through the heavy crowd lined up for the parade at the MK. We were somewhere near the castle. It was VERY crowded, and hot, I'll admit. But...
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    Very Merry Christmas Party

    I realize I'm no more special or privileged than the next.....but if anyone has an inside scoop about when the Very Merry Christmas Party tix will go on sale...I'd sure love to know. Cirque de Soleil will be closed during my stay, I'd hate to be dissapointed twice. There must be a spy out...
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    Discovery Island

    My mother just returned from Disney and because we have always loved DI asked a CM what exactly was happening with DI. She was told that a few of the animals would remain there and that it is going to be used for corporate functions by large companies. For example incentive meetings for AT&T...
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