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    Pre-Trip A Ho Ho Ho PTR — Let’s do WDW with a Christmas

    I think you made the right call. I am not about tell anyone how to spend their money but you could almost book another trip for that amount, or extend your trip, etc.. You could also have some cool experiences, maybe a dinner at Victoria and Albert's (hire a babysitter to stay with your little...
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    Pre-Trip It’s not about Ryan Gosling, but there is a Gosling involved – A DCL Bermuda PTR

    As for the shuttle service, I've never paid attention to hotel shuttles because I've always taken a cab or the M60 bus from LGA. I would call your hotel a few days before to find out where the shuttle is as things are changing week to week there. Bermuda is beautiful, you'll have a great time...
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    Pre-Trip It’s not about Ryan Gosling, but there is a Gosling involved – A DCL Bermuda PTR

    The Horseshoe Bay won't be crowded in October. The main tourist push is May - September. Also don't fear LGA too much. I used to live 10 minutes away so it was my airport of choice for 15 years. It has gotten nicer with the upgrades, but it is still annoying that you have to take a bus to get...
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    Trip Report The “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket…or Two….or Three” Christmas Experience.**Completed**

    My 2 cents. If flying into LAX means a cheap/nonstop flight go for that. Especially if you are comfortable with big airports and traffic. SNA is fantastic if the cost/time is worth it for you. It is a very manageable airport and much closer to Disney.
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Phew I thought you were going to say hot and humid or cold and rainy. I can deal with plain old cold. I am definitely not a fan of waiting around for a race to start in the cold but can tolerate it once I get moving. This is a good reminder to stock up on some throwaway gear. I will also...
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I will be in B for Dopey. Only three weeks out from the 5k! :eek: My training has been pretty sub par - I am only 6 months postpartum so I have a bit of an excuse on that front. I have done some long-ish runs but nowhere close to the level of prepared I was for Dopey 3 years ago. I am really...
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    List of Characters for Half Marathon?

    Buzz Lightyear in place of Stitch in Tomorrowland is usually a given. The Gospel choir before the finish. Army Men from Toy Story. I remember a lot of characters for the full but the half is always a bit of a blur. To the OP be aware that characters can switch out at any time for a completely...
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    Pre-Trip Yes, Virginia, There is a going to be another Prophet TR...

    Instacart now services Orlando and WDW. I have used them in NYC for grocery delivery and would recommend them. I have heard good stuff from people on other boards (gasp!) who have used them in Orlando. They have multiple different stores you can purchase from - most notably Publix and Total...
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    Trip Report When can we do this again? A Fractal family Odyssey. *COMPLETED*

    Beautiful trip report. While your photos are stunning your writing and storytelling are just as amazing. You definitely got me teared up at the end. It hit me pretty hard since I just became a mom four months ago (I blame any crying on the still raging hormones) and time has already started...
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    Trip Report * COMPLETED* The Let's Never Go Home Trip

    Yeah I feel you could write a book about all the scooter wars and scooter related incidents that occur in the parks. I feel for the bus drivers. In May one bus driver actually drove a scooter off a semi-full bus because he knew if he let the woman riding it do it there would've been broken bones...
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    Trip Report The “Cruising is not for me” Surf n’ Turf Spring Break Shenanigans Trip Report *Completed*

    :jawdrop: What happened to that poor Duvel?!?!?! Your daughter is almost smiling in that family selfie and she out of the room. That's progress.
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    Trip Report * COMPLETED* The Let's Never Go Home Trip

    This explains so much. I have flown out of BUF more times than I can count (born and raised in the Queen City) and the only time that there is a crazy TSA line like that is in the early morning. If you come an hour later there is almost no line. Glad you didn't miss your flight and I can't wait...
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    Pre-Trip Round Five! Twelve months of shenanigans ends with a family Surf n’ Turf Spring Break.

    Chiming in to say that I love that beer, I am a scotch ale fan but that one is awesome. I am "LindsayLoves" on untappd if you want another friend. Have a great trip! I can't wait to see how much your daughter enjoys the cruise. As a former moody teenage girl I would've been all over my parents...
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    New Star Wars half at WDW announced

    @Chet Dakota - It will be different. definitely more crowded. I really enjoyed the Disneyland Half last year because it never felt crowded, I started in corral A towards the middle and it was definitely a lot more open than any race I've experienced at WDW. I am hoping for some awesome theming...
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    New Star Wars half at WDW announced

    There are WAY more participants in the WDW races vs. DL races. For some perspective the Star Wars race in January had around 11000 finishers. Based on the corral assignments for this one there are going to be over 20000 participants in the half, almost double the size. If you look at the corral...
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