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  1. kstella

    Ordering from Epcot stores??

    Help!! I broke one of the etched champagne glasses that my parents bought my husband and I for our wedding.:eek: They bought them in Germany at Epcot. Does anyone know how I can get it replaced?
  2. kstella


    I usually fly Airtran. I'm not thrilled with all the extra charges but that's how flying goes these days. I've only ever had one problem with them when they misdirected my checked bag, but it was only one out of three that we had checked, it was on the way home, and they located it right away...
  3. kstella

    mouse ear embroidery questions

    I don't remember how much it cost to have it done. I don't think that nicknames or foreign names would be a problem as long as it will fit in the spot. It's all done my machine.
  4. kstella

    Do you know of any WDW resorts that famous people have stayed in?

    Kristy Yamaguchi and her family stayed at GF a few years ago.
  5. kstella

    Which two?

    I have only been to the Hoop Dee Doo and everyone in my group enjoyed it very much.
  6. kstella

    4 days, 4 parks??

    Because of crowd levels it will be very difficult for you to do everything you might want to do in the time you have, especially with younger children. You may want to decide before you go what you really want to do and just concentrate on those things. Park hoppers make things easier but if...
  7. kstella

    Week Before Christmas

    Since most schools will still be in session that will probably be a fairly quiet time to go.
  8. kstella

    Christmas lights: LED vs. Regular

    I just bought all new colored LED lights for my tree and it took a little while to adjust to just how much brighter they are.
  9. kstella

    Michelle Duggar, mom of 19, miscarries

    I was very sad to learn of the miscarriage but I hope they take this as an indication that they should not have more children. She's 45 and they were very very lucky with Josie, the last one. I understand their position on artificial birth control but there are natural methods to use. Given...
  10. kstella

    Fort Wilderness Questions

    If you rent a cabin you can park right outside your cabin. You CAN drive at FW. You cannot drive your car down to the marina area and leave it parked there all day as there is no parking, you have to rely on the internal bus system to get down there. If you choose to rent a golf cart you can...
  11. kstella

    Adding an extra visitor to Fort Wilderness?

    The site rental charge is the site rental charge-doesn't matter how many people are staying. Just have to call and add her to the reservation.
  12. kstella

    Good Places to Eat with Kids

    Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge might have the kind of atmosphere you're looking for.
  13. kstella

    A big Heartfelt Thank You to all of you!

    I agree!!!:sohappy::sohappy:
  14. kstella

    Am I nuts for trying to turn this down?

    Stay where you want. Too much togetherness can be very wearing, especially if different people have different expectations of how the vacation is going to go. Nothing wrong with having your own space to escape to.
  15. kstella

    Dream Resort???

    BLT overlooking MK. Wilderness Lodge.
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