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  1. Kokoum57

    Coming back to the magic in Nov 17'!

    Coming back to the magic in Nov 17'!
  2. Kokoum57

    Crave Certain Times of the Year

    We really enjoy WDW in the evenings and after dark the most. The second week in Nov is perfect for us as it gets dark a little sooner than in early May (our 2nd favorite time to go). Just started planning a November trip for 2017.
  3. Kokoum57

    Favorite Value Resort?

    All Star Music was our first on-site stay, and has special memories. But of all the value resorts, our favorite is Pop Century. Bus service and the walk around Hourglass Lake are nice amenities.
  4. Kokoum57

    Which moderate resort?

    Port Orleans French Quarter. If only I could have a "do-over" with my wife(at your ages), French Quarter would be it. Leisurely walks along the river. Two food courts and a sit down restaurant (Riverside is very near by) to choose from without bussing around. The free boat ride to Disney...
  5. Kokoum57

    What is your favorite Disney World show??

    1.)Tarzan Rocks. Was great fun for me. 2.)Any night electrical parade at MK. Best way to end the day. 3.)Beauty and The Beast. The storyline works for all ages.
  6. Kokoum57

    So excited

    Wow, 14 nights at POFQ! Taking the boat to Disney Springs can be fun for all. Movie nights on the lawn with popcorn. Walk the 9yr old over to POR to do some cane pole fishing on Ol' Man Island. They have a pirate boat ride for kids from POR too. A fun lunch is taking the boat from Magic Kingdom...
  7. Kokoum57

    AllStar Movies - Best Rooms?

    This^^ exactly. You also have the choice of two food courts within a short walking distance from the Mighty Ducks section.
  8. Kokoum57

    So excited

    We are excited for you, only 77 days to go now! Is this one a solo trip? Are you staying on property? Dining plan? Do tell,, us forum readers love trip details!
  9. Kokoum57

    Disney 'Bucket List'

    The "must do's" for our next trip; Coronado Springs resort for the first time. MK-Rope drop ceremony, BOG lunch, ride the merry-go-round(7 trips and I've never done this?!?), Aloha Isle for a Dole Whip(Pineapple), and ride Peoplemover after dark. DHS-LMA, TSMM, the "new" GMR, and a pretzel dog...
  10. Kokoum57

    Best of the Value Resorts....and why

    We like Pop Century best. Mostly because there are 3 pools, each with a different atmosphere to enjoy. Comes in handy for us during our "re-charge day" in the middle of our stay. We also enjoy the bridge walk over to AoA for a lunch or dinner.
  11. Kokoum57

    Trip Report Completed-A February Drinking Around the World, Resort-Hopping Disneymoon!

    Wow. You two had a most exciting and marvelous time. Thanks for a great trip report and re-stoking my "Disney fires". Thanks also for your heads-up on what is available for vegetarians. Also appreciated your take on the different resort visits you made. Cheers.
  12. Kokoum57

    Name one thing Disney has done right.

    Haunted Mansion. Start to finish,,done right. I also see more kids with grinning and smiling faces when they exit Buzz Lightyear's Space ranger Spin, than any other ride. Disney must have done that one right.
  13. Kokoum57

    Do you make it a point to visit other resorts?

    We also use our "off day" to visit and eat a meal at a different resort on property. After 2 full park days, a rest day is welcome, and we try to get to at least one that we previously have not seen. Gives us a chance to recharge and be ready for the next 2 park days.
  14. Kokoum57

    if you could eat anywhere, right now

    Min and Bill's Diner at DHS. The pretzel bun hot dog with magic mustard sauce. Dog, chips, drink and chocolate shake. One QS credit and enough for two to share. But right now, I could polish it off by myself!
  15. Kokoum57

    Way advance planning

    Maybe consider staying at Pop, then splurging on a "surprise dinner" at the Contemporary in time for the MK fireworks??
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