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  1. kjb101791

    What year did Disney implement the purple, red, and gold signs?

    This Reader's Digest link implies the graphic consultant was contacted in 1989 about creating the signs. Rob Plays also gets a shoutout and is worth the 3 minute video. https://www.rd.com/culture/disney-purple-traffic-signs/
  2. kjb101791

    Is there a smell....

    Pineapple (dole whips and the polynesian). Also, the bathrooms at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati must use a similar cleaning product to some of the bathrooms at WDW because they smell the same.
  3. kjb101791

    Lets talk about the weather

    Rainy days are the best, especially if the rain keeps other people away. Wear sandals so you aren't stuck with wet socks and it shouldn't be that big of a deal. There are minimal attractions outside, other than walking around, so you really can stay almost completely dry if that is the goal...
  4. kjb101791

    "Normalization of deviance" and Walt Disney World

    98% of the people on these forums are avid Disney fans and know the way it should be. Does the casual guest realize most shortcomings? I often wonder how frequently animatronics were broken, etc, throughout the years. There are also more attractions now than ever, so more things to make a big...
  5. kjb101791

    Walt's favorite attraction?

    I wrote a review under my wife's account saying Captain Eo was Walt's favorite. People were either confused or liked it. Both were the wrong response. I think the strongest arguments could be made for the Disneyland Railroad, CoP, and maybe throw in the fire engine, since it was kind of...
  6. kjb101791

    World of Disney Refurbishment

    I agree, it does look nice, but it lost its Disney feel. It looks like a Starbucks or something. Tossing random things up into the ceiling seems to not be en vogue anymore (TGIFridays, etc). I think it's most likely me not keeping up with the times, but a more whimsical feel to the store would...
  7. kjb101791

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    Right, but then when it was they let an opportunity for really being immersed in the streets not happen and was sort of just a dead end. Anyway, PizzeRizzo is OK.
  8. kjb101791

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    That would make sense. Some of the shops you could see computers and desks inside, so they probably could have been fairly easily converted into a more usable form. The whole area/park is still odd for navigation in a mostly non-endearing way.
  9. kjb101791

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    Both fair points. I worked at Hollywood Studios and never knew how to tell people how to get to Muppet Courtyard from Sunset/Animation Courtyard. "just go sort of straight-ish, then keep going. If you don't see Muppets, you aren't there". This is also the reason why Streets of America never...
  10. kjb101791

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    I actually like the pizza here. I think it is getting way too much hate. What I don't understand is how it's always slow when HS has basically no good quick service places, even more limited to QS with air conditioning. I think an updated menu that had larger pizzas for families would really...
  11. kjb101791

    Fixes for the Haunted Mansion

    Right, I love the original (at least WDW- haven't seen DL without NBC). I can't argue that the line for it is long, other than speculate or hope that it is a vocal minority and perhaps that people still want to go on it around Halloween. Nightmare Before Christmas has a cult following which at...
  12. kjb101791

    Fixes for the Haunted Mansion

    It was very disappointing for a first ride on the classic. It was far heavier themed than I thought without almost no Haunted Mansion left to enjoy. To be fair, if it were its own attraction and not an overlay on HM, they did a good job. But they removed just about everything that makes the ride...
  13. kjb101791

    Dumbest Thing You've Heard a Guest Say

    Not me, but my sister at DHS: Guest- "Excuse me, where is Cars Land" Her- "Disneyland" Guest- "Where am I?" Her- "Disney World" Guest- "$#!&" I have had quit a few people ask me at DHS where Seuss Land was. 20 miles north was usually my answer.
  14. kjb101791

    Fixes for the Haunted Mansion

    Just rode it with the Nightmare overlay for the first time and it was so stupid I seriously could not believe it. Please don't think Orlando needs that.
  15. kjb101791

    When will Disneyland build another theme park in Anaheim? - Orange County Register/Robert Niles

    After just returning from my first trip to DLR, I have to say that a third park would have to draw in more non-locals to be continually productive as part of a full-on, WDW-style resort. My impression is that Disneyland is for and by locals, much more so than Disney World. To get the non-locals...
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