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    Brazilian Tour Groups

    Ahhh the famous Undie-two-hundie. Very wise.
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    Riding all 47 rides in 1 day, they did it...

    Yeah, you have to hustle for sure. Rental car, empty parks and no parking lot trams! I can speed walk to the entrance long before the 5 minute speech ends. lol
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    Am I the Only One Who Thinks There Should Be a Disney Parks Magazine?

    But seriously, I still get Birnbaums and read them cover to cover.
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    Riding all 47 rides in 1 day, they did it...

    Also, include two rides each on RnRc and TOT
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    Riding all 47 rides in 1 day, they did it...

    Tooting own horn...On our honey moon trip in Sept, me and my wife did every open ride in all four parks andddd spent an hour and a half in typhoon lagoon. On a Sunday. Magic Kingdom closed out the night and we had everything done twice some three times over and still left before closing.
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    Silver Lifetime Pass

    That is a tough one. I would post this under the Disneyland Paris area. Maybe it will get more attention there?
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    Which resort should I stay at for my Disneymoon?

    Did the same thing in september Port Orleans French quarter or Polynesian. We stayed at POFQ but if we were five times richer would have done the Poly. POFQ was only 160$/night, POLY was 600/night. blahhhh.
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    Please help me make a resort decision!

    I would never consider staying out of the magic. But lord that is a lot for POR. I would most likely stay somewhere else onsite.
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    MAXPass (upcharge mobile Fastpasses) coming to Disneyland...impacts to WDW?

    Cedar Point fast pass is 100$ a day. On top of 65$ park ticket. The fast pass lines are always packed. But lines at CP can be 2-3 hours on normal days. Hopefully Disney never smells blood and makes us pay for all fast pass.
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    Will the electrical parade be back?

    Good. Bland. Can we rebuild Spectromagic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??? Cant a guy dream?
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    Which Restaurant to Pay for Out of Pocket?

    For us, to not go to Sci-fi AND 50's Diner is to die. Both a must for me and wife. I cant pick a favorite for theming but the stuffed pork chop at 50's is my favorite food in the park.
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    When did CB get new TV's?

    Stayed there in may still had 32" TV's.
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    Any Info on Epcot's Festival of the Arts?

    I would pay ten dollars extra per entrance ticket to get those pop tarts.;)
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    Soarin' Expansion and new Soarin' Around the World film

    The entire taj mahal is CGI. Citation needed. But pretty sure.
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