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  • Hiya and Crappy Monday. My b-day bash was great - I got quite a lot of loot, including some sparkly things. How was your w/e?
    Hiya and happy Friday! No baseball this w/e - we're headed to the beach for an extended family [belated] birthday bash. P-A-R-T-Y ;). I hope you have a wonderful w/e.
    I agree - that's not a bad deal. It's funny that it misses almost all of our dates. I wonder why Dec 4-12 are excluded? I hope it's not cheerleader week (sorry - I know you were a cheerleader, but the kids these days - shesh)!
    Hi there! I notice from the recent HOP thread that you are a "Disney AND US History dork". I just wanted to say hello, since I'm not sure exactly how many of us there are out there!!
    That's hysterical about the discount card. We've merged into one identity :lookaroun. I'm glad your dad didn't throw it out. What time period is it for and how much of a discount is it offering? Just curious...
    I'm glad you're feeling better. The sea air will likely cure you completely. No baseball this w/e (yeah!). We're working on getting my new home office put together. Billy built a huge desk and wired everything so now I have to unpack boxes I brought home from work and put everything where it belongs. Take care!
    I saw you online and thought I'd say Hi. I bought Guitar Hero Aerosmith for my boys tonight and sent them on a ten clue scavenger hunt to find their surprise. It was fun watching them ponder the cryptic clues and search for the next ones. It was kind of a welcome home and re-bonding gift since Will moved back from college today. Now, they have 2 guitars and can play head-to-head or co-op (one plays bass).
    Hiya - I burned up the road between here and Columbia, SC for Harrison's baseball tournament (break is over). We didn't stay overnight and it was a 3-day tournament, so that was a lot of driving back and forth. Thank goodness for my hybrid Camry! I was soooo tired yesterday it wasn't funny. Had to have a 2-hour power nap when we got home.

    How about you - did you go to the shore?
    Oh no - a second trip to the hospital? Yikes! You might need more than a Mickey trip. How about a martini (or several)? Good luck with the big shin-dig at the shore. I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday.

    For once, I don't have anything to do this w/e! Yippee! The bad news is, I'm swamped at work and since I work from home, I imagine I'll be sitting at the computer a good bit.
    I'd rather not make another big stink if we can avoid it. That was something else (and unnecessary on Disney’s part IMO).
    I'm so sorry that your mom isn't well. I'll look for your email with all the details. Take care!
    Hiya - I'm glad you didn't go to the shore this w/e - several people drown in the rip currents created by hurricane Bertha! I saw Wall-e with my mom. I agree with you - it's very quiet and cute. Other than a hair appt, what'd you do this w/e?
    Since I want to be just like you, I'm going to the beach, er, shore this w/e. Yippee - girl-time with my mom! I hope your w/e is wonderful.
    It rained right before the fireworks in the tiny mtn town we go to every July 4, but cleared off in time for the 30 min display.

    That's too bad that you went to the "wrong" game. Better luck next time.

    P.S. At least you got to go to a Yankees/Red Sox game!
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