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  1. HMFan999

    A question about wheelchair rental

    From a logistics and safety standpoint, renting from an outside vendor and bringing it with you is the only safe bet. I highly doubt they're going to let people just run for SWGE as soon as the gates open. You're likely going to be looking at a multi-gated line walk process. Unfortunitly, it's...
  2. HMFan999

    Chef Art Smith's Homecoming, is it that good?

    It is my favorite restaurant on property at the moment, but I can definitely see where people are coming from. It's made for us poor yankees who only get to dream about real southern cooking during our normal lives. I spent six glorious months in NC and now I'd give my right arm just to find a...
  3. HMFan999

    Nine Dragons in epcot

    It's been years since I ate there, but it remains the worst meal I've ever had at Disney. The food was just bad Chinese takeaway at triple the price you would pay anywhere else. I love Chinese food and can't think of a single good thing to say about the experience. The Lotus Blossom Cafe is the...
  4. HMFan999

    Void at Disney Springs

    Actually, it looks like there is a round about way to use a Disney Gift card. According to their FAQ you can use your magic band to purchase tickets directly at the location. So you could add your gift card to your magic band and then purchase your tickets using the band. The only down side to...
  5. HMFan999

    Void at Disney Springs

    It looks like they do not accept Disney gift cards, but you can pre-purchase tickets at https://www.thevoid.com/locations/orlando
  6. HMFan999

    Onboarding/background check.

    It seems unlikely they would rescind the offer if they were aware of your record when they made it. You've been honest and forthcoming about your past so I doubt you have anything to worry about.
  7. HMFan999

    Any Love for the new Ducktales series out there?

    I also grew up with Ducktales and absolutely love the new series. It absolutely proves that reboots can be done correctly.
  8. HMFan999

    Contemporary Evacuated

    This is pure speculation, but it's plausible the truth is a mix of the two... Hotels are often setup with complex fire alarm systems and equally complex evacuation plans. They are usually divided into zones as far as the alarm is concerned. In this case, some event on lvl 4 triggered an alarm...
  9. HMFan999

    Contemporary Evacuated

    Was the fire/evacuation alarm activated?
  10. HMFan999

    Is there a smell....

    This is a weird one, but there is some cleaning agent that Disney uses... I'll randomly smell it some random place and it will instantly take me back to WDW. I've been trying to figure out what it actually is for years, but I don't even have a clue where to start looking.
  11. HMFan999

    What would you recommend trip planners NOT use this site for?

    This isn't the site to figure out how to wife swap apparently... In all serious though, just realize that this is a public forum, what you or anyone else is getting is just a bunch of random peoples opinions.
  12. HMFan999

    What do you think is the most complicated attraction at WDW?

    Technically I think the most complicated would be the ferry. That's one, if not the only, where an operator error actually has the potential to kill a few hundred guests...
  13. HMFan999

    New Refillable Mugs from 3/7/19

    I wouldn't be surprised if the RFID can be disabled by management to allow the process to be sped up as necessary. It would be the same concept as the different modes they can enable on the park gate ticketing system. Guest throughput trumps all and if they're willing to risk it with park...
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