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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Well my conference for next week just got cancelled. BOOOOO!!!!! My family and I are going anyway. I'm not concerned. I understand the virus, but there is a lot hysteria around it was well.
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    Lost and Found Frustration

    They really ask for your lock screen code? And you really gave it to them?
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    Room for 5 in Pop?

    Prior to the rfefurb you could throw a mat or air mattress on the floor. Possible to accommodate after the refurb? Right now we have two rooms for 3 adults and 2 kids.
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    How to Make a Payment??

    We have a trip planned and reservations made. All I want to do is make a payment. The searches I've done keep linking me to my "My Plans" page, but nowhere on that page is there an option to make a payment, or even show me what balance is due. I figured Disney, of all places, would make it...
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    Lightroom tips and tricks

    I'm a total noob, but I'm getting much better at lightroom. Nowinc's videos are great. So are Serge Ramelli's. For me the color and saturation, highlights and shadows were all easy to figure it out. What helped me the most is learning things like graduated filters, brush, and the dehaze...
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    Upgrade Body to D7100-Refurb OK?

    Well if I can actually sell my camera and current gear I will probably buy new. You can get the D7100 for a decent price right now since the D7200 came out.
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    Upgrade Body to D7100-Refurb OK?

    On the auto focus you said it wasn't bad. Did you have issues with it? I figured going from the 11 points I've got on the D3200 to the 51 points would be a huge upgrade.
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    Upgrade Body to D7100-Refurb OK?

    I currently have a d3200 two lens kit that I bought new. Someone has offered me $400 for everything. I think I'm going to take that and put it towards a D7100. Have a few questions: 1) Buffer size on D7100. I shoot raw and I can shoot 10-15 frame bursts at my son's soccer games with no...
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    MeFoto experiences

    I use the roadtrip. I chose because of the extra height. I'm a taller person and I don't have a swivel screen. So it was worth it to me to have that extra height. And when collapsed it's still small. I hike with a North Face recon backpack and the tripod fit in there with room to spare...
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    Company Wants to Use my Photo-Watermark?

    Thanks! I will test the waters, but I'm honestly not looking to be compensated. It's definitely one of my better photos, but I think it's far from professional.
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    Company Wants to Use my Photo-Watermark?

    If I were to ask for payment what's reasonable? Think they want to use in their facebook page, website, and maybe some brochures and they are small tour company. I'm a total amateur. Honestly never thought anyone would want to use one of my images for something like that.
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    Company Wants to Use my Photo-Watermark?

    So a company wants to use a photo I took. I don't think I'm going to ask for compensation, but I'd like to maybe have a watermark/logo on it at a corner or something. I don't know how to design anything like that. Is it something I can do in Photoshop?
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    Official Photography Contest 8/8/15-8/14/15 World Showcase

    DSC_0927 by Kyle Metcalf, on Flickr
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    Plus Size In Disney

    I was 300 on our last trip. I fit all the rides, with a loaded camera backpack under my legs. Space mountain is a little tight if you have long legs. Seven dwarfs is real tight simply due to the two safety bar system. However, I still fit. You can tolerate a little bit of tight for the...
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