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  • I saw that you said you once had to bring an antibiotic to WDW for Alec. Did you fly down? How did you keep it cold on the plane? I'm planning to bring a small, soft sided lunch bag type thing with a blue freeze pack, but I'm not sure if security is going to give me a hard time or not. Arrrgh! Thanks.
    Well if he worked in corp there I may not know him personally as i was a Store manager.Still small world though.
    Bongiorno Jackie. I haven't been logged on much. After the overlong crapfest that was last winter, the ability to go outside and do stuff is overwhelming. Plus, the landscaping foreman (aka the wife) has been working me to the bone. This weekend we had a block party that I was in charge of. It was a big hit.
    Howdy again.. exciting news? Gosh, I don't think so.

    Hope you have a good holiday weekend. :wave:
    Thanks for the kind words on my TR and photos! I totally have to finish the TR before I start forgetting those great little details.
    There Matey! I keep thinking I'll have more time on magic, but work has been crazy since I've been back from vacation. I appreicate your occasonal messages. They help me feel like I'm still connected to the site.
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