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Recent content by George

  1. George

    News New movie coming Epcot's Canada Pavilion

    Correct or oddly enough a Germanic no. Would u consider this a prime example?
  2. George

    WDW 5th park rumors?

    Yes. That’s why I’m starting an 8th gate thread. Mix things up a bit. Gates 5,6, and 7 are fait accomplis.
  3. George

    News New movie coming Epcot's Canada Pavilion

    What is the product of 3 multiplied by 3?
  4. George

    WDW 5th park rumors?

    General Discussion is the correct sub forum.
  5. George

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    With all the whining about distances I’m starting to wonder if the DAK to GF walkway is a good idea.
  6. George

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    PotC in O-town is the worst on the planet, but its fine. However, Disney's flagship resort and highly attended DL clone deserves more rides that are quintessentially Disney. In a psychological sense I know where the OP is coming from. Thus, I propose this. 1) Build Western River Expedition in...
  7. George

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I concur. The theater in MK actually addressed a need.
  8. George

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    I did a few years ago. Your move was better.
  9. George

    News Stars of the new Lion King movie to appear at the Magic Kingdom this weekend

    Will Scar be there? He’s such a good actor, that I imagine he’s a bit of a real life meanie. I sure don’t want scratch marks on my face because he got annoyed with the paparazzi.
  10. George

    Rise of the Resistance Opening date December 5th. Should Disney have just held off on opening SWGE until then like seemed to be the original plan?

    You're both correct. Public perception of seasons is about a month off from the actual season to season transition. @CaptainAmerica is correct that Disney HAS to use the official seasonal dates, but @JusticeDisney has a good argument inasmuch as the seasonal opening time frame may not be the...
  11. George

    Is Disney starting to lose that genuine quality for you?

    Well, apparently you're supposed to use any information you can get your hands on about the broader population to form your opinion.
  12. George

    Is Disney starting to lose that genuine quality for you?

    My first time in MK was 1972 (I wasn't quite 3 years old and tbh, no idea what my perception was). I've been paying for visits (which is when your perception typically changes) since 84. I was a rich teenager. I mowed lawns, power washed boats, and when I was old enough I became a concessionist...
  13. George

    Rumor D23 Expo 2019 expected announcements

    The old body disposal landfill filled up quickly after “the event”, didn’t it? 965 acres should last for 20 years or so. The shell company will be purchasing soon so it will appear to be off property to ye olde rubes.
  14. George

    Rumor Disney Looking To Trade The Theme Park Rights of Alien with Universal in exchange for Black Panther to Build a Wakanda Pavillion at Epcot

    Walk through a wardrobe in the UK...voi friggin la. Likewise, real African country up front, walk through the shimmering drapery and you’ve discovered the hidden world of Wakanda.
  15. George

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    I visited the rooms at the DVC preview center a couple of weeks ago. They are very well designed rooms. I love the bed pulling down over the loveseat/sofa for example. However, it didn't really didn't have that Disney feel to me. But that's just me. I think they're selling at an OK clip based on...
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