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    Traveling Solo to Universal

    They sell an unlimited EP for HHN as well.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Thats cutting it kind of close. The side effects are mostly occurring after the second dose. Hopefully you won't experience them or it'll jut be minor (like a headache).
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    They aren't. Florida has criminal and some civil law jurisdiction, but ports and ships are mostly regulated under federal law.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Were you in Times Square? New Yorkers who live in Manhattan are more compliant (it's the borough with lowest infection rate and highest vaccination rate). Most of the people you see without a mask are from the outer boroughs, Harlem/Washington Heights, or tourists.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    No credible infectious disease expert believes that a return to normalcy will occur until the end of the year, with the possibility of masks still in use through the beginning of 2020. This is because of the variants and vaccine hesitancy.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Actually, that's technically not true.There actually is no text in the Constitution that grants that right. Though there is text in the Constitution regarding citizens of other states within another state's jurisdiction having the same same rights as the citizens of those states, the right to...
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    There's a reason most amusement parks (and Disney) stopped using these as rides in their parks. They are inefficient, maintenance headaches, and I was shocked that Disney built these eyesores as a means of mass transportation. I am a little bewildered that some people question why others are...
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    Disney World guests file lawsuit after allegedly eating bug-infested food

    Not to take sides, but bugs in food is unacceptable. I don't care if the bugs are poisonous or not, it's gross. Also, eating "new" foods can cause digestive issues (though not necessarily food poisoning). Just ask a vegetarian who eats beef for the first time. It's not pretty.
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    Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure is open

    When I got in line around noon, the wait was only about 30 minutes (though it had a posted wait time of 120 minutes).
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    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    They'll probably need the extra time to to resolve technical issues.
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    Universal Singles Line

    I find the single rider lines to be hit or miss. They definitely don't take the place of Express Pass, with the exception of maybe MIB, whose single rider line always moves quickly. Some aren't always open either, like Jurassic Park and Dudley Do-Right. In some cases, even Express Pass doesn't...
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    News Sleeping Beauty's Castle to be refurbished

    It's like a color scheme you'd use re-creating the castle in Roller Coaster Tycoon, because you only had limited colors to work with.
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    Impressed by Universal

    Some, yes. However, most of those buildings do not exist in the film. Ummm, guests would be expecting Diagon Alley to look like the movie, so no, it's not an "uncreative choice." So what, it's not a movie set. The sets don't have interiors, should Universal have just made Diagon Alley a...
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    Difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass

    I'm not exactly sure how this belief became so widespread, because it is simply not true. Businesses, whether theme parks or movie theaters, are not required by law to "take your word for it" regarding your disability. They can require proof of need of an accommodation. Of course, most don't...
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    Impressed by Universal

    Just to make it clear, Comcast did not own Universal at the time the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was developed nor when it opened. Personally, I think this external oversight is one of the reasons it succeeded. They couldn't just make cuts and do things on the cheap.
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