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  • I have not forgotten about your Tshirt info request! I have just forgotten the name of the company (twice!) My sister tells me and then by the time I get on here, I've forgotten the name.
    Have you tried etsy.com? There are tons of people on there who make great shirts, starting at around $10 each.
    I hope you make it there. It is great the first week in December since it is decorated for Christmas. Any time after Thanksgiving and before Christmas it is nice...the weather is nice too.
    I hope to plan to be there. We were hoping to be there in October or late December but home A/C went out.
    Hello to both of you. We are just Northeast of Shreveport, right on the Arkansas line. My 16 year old son & I are diehard LSU fans. Glad to see someone on the boards from La.!
    How do you like the DVC? Was very close to purchasing 190 points at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    YES, and I live in Gonzales. We go to Disney 2 to 3 times a year and if you need help, drop me a line. But WDWmagic answers it all. HAHA!
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