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  • Man, I HOPE he gets noticed more than Sophie or mom did with there "1st time" buttons! Only three CM's the 9 days we were there actually talked to them and welcomed them for their first visit! Please take PLENTY of picks and post all you can, we do have to live vicariously thru all our friends when we are not there! Ha Ha!
    Ha Ha! Please have fun at OUR expense! LOL! Well, only once, it was kinda a weird day at that time, so only rode it once, I had forgotten to tell my darling wife about the major changes and she kept on shouting thru the ride "that was not like that last time!" while I kept telling her "I explain later, just enjoy!" Ha Ha
    Hi. First, a little slow on the uptake! I am on Wdwmagic about every other day. It took me a month to notice I have a message.
    Yes, I have been going to see the Rocks, for many years. It is sad to see, that the place is not filling up like it used to. I think it is the sign of the times. Plus when they were popular the Phillies were not so much. I think kids roll thier eyes at the Bluerocks now because they rather see the Phils.
    Do you work at the building right in the lot. If so, that is where I park, best place to get in and out. I do not get out that way as often as I wish these days. Mainly because I come from the Valley Forge area. It is the same distance from here to the Phillies. However 202 is just awful on weeknights. Not a big fan of traffic.
    Ahhh sorry I didn't see this until now. Thursdays I'm usually not online because it's the only day both me and my boyfriend have off so we usually spend the day together!!! I'll PM you my email address so you can send me an email if you want :) It goes straight to my phone so I'll always get those
    Definitely! So happy I got you into the $$$ saving!!! :) Is it sad that I pour over wedding blogs whenever I'm online?? I can't help myself. And I would love to help! Just let me know :)
    Me tooo!!! I actually read the other day you can get married in the courtyard or the terrace!!! I believe the article was on Studioscentral.com and was from july. :D Hmmm you know what I'm thinking!!! And you'll love Star Tours 2.0! It was really awesome.
    Totally just checked out your profile and so happy to hear your favorite park is Hollywood Studios!!! It's mine as well! and the Tower of Terror is the best ride :D
    Thanks!!! The hubby took that one our first trip! He took some amazing pictures of the castle & that continues to be one of my favs!
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