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  1. Doodlyday

    If you could give one attraction one major update

    Make Kali River Rapids longer. That's probably the #1 complaint I hear about anything in Animal Kingdom, I bet a lot more people would like it more if it was longer.
  2. Doodlyday

    Unpopular Disney Opinions

    I very much like UOE.
  3. Doodlyday

    Scariest Animatronic ?

    Do the spiders from It's Tough to be a Bug count? Especially the first time, those are terrifying.
  4. Doodlyday

    something i've always wondered about laugh floor

    Never personally experienced it, but I'm sure that type of thing happens.
  5. Doodlyday

    The Next Poster - Disney Style

    False. TNP has stayed at Art of Animation.
  6. Doodlyday

    Agent P's World Showcase Adventure--it's fun

    I didn't know that was still around. How many years has it been now?
  7. Doodlyday

    Thing you WANT to Do, But Can't

    Ride Living with the Land at night!
  8. Doodlyday

    Name That Ride

    Park: MK 1. Drop 2. Well 3. Dog
  9. Doodlyday

    Name That Ride

    Splash Mountain?
  10. Doodlyday

    The Next Poster - Disney Style

    False. TNP has sees Muppet Vision 3D multiple times on each trip.
  11. Doodlyday

    Strangest Issue on an Attraction

    I would love to see that!
  12. Doodlyday

    Strangest Issue on an Attraction

    It doesn't bother me much, but why is it that he's being held in the tree by the rope, but it's not taught on the ground?
  13. Doodlyday

    Disney Parks World Wide Survival Games: Season 3 - Tokyo Disneyland Park

    Penny Arcade - 5 Western River Railroad - 5 Pirates of the Caribbean - 5 Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions - 6 Swiss Family Tree House - 5 Western Shootin' Gallery - 3 Country Bear Theater - 5 Mark Twain River Boat - 5 Tom Sawyer Island Rafts - 5 Big Thunder Mountain - 11 Splash Mountain - 8...
  14. Doodlyday

    Disney Characters Survival Games Season One: Part 6 - Finale

    Goofy - 17 Aladdin- 6 - 1 = 5 Ariel- 10 Mike - 3 + 1 = 4 Tigger- 14
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