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  1. Dapper Dan

    Time period of Main Street

    The setting of an attraction typically is more specific than that of an entire land. So, while a land's setting might be "turn of the century small town America" an attraction in that land could be set in a Duluth, Iowa 1908 and still fit the theme. Really you can do whatever you want as long...
  2. Dapper Dan

    Pet Peeve parents who take their kids to the parks in pajamas

    It depends on how observant cast members are. If one is paying attention and cares enough, they can ask you to change or leave. You might not want to wear them anyway because if the ground is wet it will ruin your bunnies in a hurry. If it seems like I'm speaking from experience, it's only...
  3. Dapper Dan

    News Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment in February for new auction scene

    They are auctioning chickens, which are women, but now it's even more offensive because I don't know if those chickens were raised in cages or free range. I'm vegan so the idea that these pirates are selling these innocent birds presumably to eat them is morally repugnant to me. The redhead (who...
  4. Dapper Dan

    Bill Nye's presence in the parks

    Engineers aren't scientists? How do they engineer things without science?
  5. Dapper Dan

    What do you think of the EPCOT Central Spine redesign?

    They should take a cue from their movie studio strategy and do a live action remake of the original that everyone seemed to like.
  6. Dapper Dan

    Disney Working on Live-Action Adaption of Winnie the Pooh (NOT A JOKE.)

    I can't decide which is worse, the Eisner era straight to video sequels, or the Iger era live action remakes.
  7. Dapper Dan

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I don't know why they don't put the "it's always some sort of festival" center in one of the Communicore buildings, and let the old Life pavilion be a real pavilion again.
  8. Dapper Dan

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    This was more of a response to J.J. Abrams' lazy writing for The Force Awakens. Abrams tried to disguise underdeveloped characters and events as deep mysteries to be uncovered later. Since he wasn't supposed to direct any of the later films, it meant someone else would figure out what he was...
  9. Dapper Dan

    Star Tours moving to TomorrowLand

    I heard it's being moved to Epcot and turning into some sort of biology ride.
  10. Dapper Dan

    Replace Grand fiesta tour with Cocoa

    In the winter I mix my cocoa with Godiva White Chocolate liquer and Rumple Minze. It's pretty great.
  11. Dapper Dan

    Are value resorts tacky and poll: Which Value Resort is the best?

    The value resorts are fine if you just want a bed and don't care about any frills. Art of Animation and Pop are better because they have more direct bus routes, and gondolas eventually.
  12. Dapper Dan

    random ride/show things that scared you as a kid

    Whenever my family rode the original Snow White's Scary Adventure (before they made it less scary) I was so scared I would close my eyes for the whole ride. The louder, more numerous, and faster pop up heads in the Haunted Mansion, and the original, terrifying, faceless bride. The witch in...
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