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    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    My 7th grader who is in an AP English/Literature class also had just finished a lengthy report on the HGTTG. Then he figured out there was going to be a movie. He was glad he read it and did his report then saw the movie and got a different perspective on it. (Plus, the teacher took the book off...
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    Who was there the 1st years of Disney World?

    I went with my parents and grandparents right after WDW opened. I continued with my parents after my grandparents passed away. I now go with my husband and children every year at least once. We continue the tradition of jumping in the car and driving from Michigan. I've seen all the rides and...
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    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    Sneak Preview Saw a sneak preview of this last night. It was funny. The kids liked it. I don't think it's the greatest thing they've done, that's for sure. Those Douglas Adams fans will possibly be disappointed. We'll see what others say. I think Mos Def was excellent though. And the little...
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    The Incredibles

    **Spoilers*** Saw the sneak preview last night, and NO they didn't show the Star Wars trailer. They had the short called Boundin' which was excellent!!! They also showed a trailer/teaser for Cars and it was hilarious. I can't wait to see cars. Now for this one... Was talking about it in a...
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    What Did You Think of The Incredibles?

    Saw Sneak Preview We had the pleasure of seeing this last night at a sneak preview. Boundin' was an awesome little short. The whole theater laughed and clapped. I don't know if you got to see the trailer for Cars, but we did, and it was hilarious and the movie may end up being another great...
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    Triple Chocolate Moose Stampede Here's a new one I found recently and thought I would share, sorry if it has already been posted. Triple Chocolate Moose Stampede Whispering Canyon Cafe Wilderness Lodge Yield: 12 servings INGREDIENTS: 1 chocolate cake recipe or boxed cake...
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    King Arthur on DVD 12/21

    I will have to get both. One for the kids and one for myself. We are in the minority and loved the movie and saw it twice in theatres. I see though that it is doing very well overseas. I think it should have done better here too. Same with Around the World in 80 Days.
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    Is it just me...

    The direct to movies have really stepped up in the last year. They have nothing else to focus on when it comes to animation so maybe they can take more time. I am curious why they are doing these though. Sequels like that have never been that good, there history shows it. Maybe they think this...
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    ABC1 Set For UK Launch

    The lineup really isn't too bad. There are a couple of shows there that I would love to see again like Daddio, Brotherly Love and Once and Again. I wish they would use some of that programming for the stations here in the US. I would watch it then.
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    Open Our eyes! Are Refurbs really always positive?

    I honestly think that most everyone has a valid point. I am also a firm believer of a dual leadership, one to create and one to find the money to accomplish it. That was how it all began and that's how it is most effective. No matter who takes over for Eisner, nothing will change with a snap of...
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    Disney Bank One, Free watch promo problem

    I should never have watched the video because I now have the creepy crawlies and don't think I'll be getting rid of them anytime soon. What kind of ants were they? Were they red ants or regular small sugar ants or big black carpenter ants? Why do I ask? I have absolutely no clue why I want to...
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    Magical Movies

    This weekend has been a Disney movie marathon. My kids start school tomorrow and one has been extremely ill so we spent the weekend watching movies, all Disney all the time. This was so much fun, but I really felt sad about some aspects that never felt more disheartening then before. I always...
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    Goofy's Country Dancing Jamboree Closing Saturday 9/4/04

    It's gone far past just meet and greet issues. You are right about the specific age groups they seem to be focusing on. They have stopped focusing on the true magic, other than Philharmagic which I think is the best they've done in years, the AA's, the family rides the rides that tell a story...
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    Goofy's Country Dancing Jamboree Closing Saturday 9/4/04

    I LOVED the Diamond Horseshoe Revue and never missed a single visit. When they replaced it with a glorified character meet and greet I refused to go see it. We don't do alot of character meeting anyways now that my boys are older. They only want to see Grumpy, Pluto and Mickey if they are in...
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    Hillary Duff as "Dorothy" in Muppets Movie?

    Ashanti I thought was bad enough, but add Queen Latifah and Quentin Tarantino and they have the makings for disaster. I know they sure squashed all my happy thoughts about the remaking and dashed my desire to see it.
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