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    News Smoking locations updated at the Magic Kingdom

    Oh boy here we go. Alcohol and smoking are not really comparable, not sure why comparing them is a theme of this thread but yea.. they're not. Someone having a drink next to you will not have any effect on you, but someone having a cigarette next to you = secondhand smoke. My parents smoke...
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    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    As is 90% of what that site posts. Really excellent journalism over there. :rolleyes:
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    How safe is Space Mountain?

    Space Mountain typically only goes 28 MPH. It can seem faster depending on the weight of the car--If you as an adult rode with three kids, it's going to feel slower than you as an adult riding with three other adults. It can also feel faster or slower depending on how the sensors and breaks work...
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    Enhanced Dining Experience Coming to Be Our Guest Restaurant

    I can't comment on the children's price because I don't have kids, but I would regularly spend about $55 per person at Be Our Guest anyway. I'm just looking at the menu now and my go-to order (French Onion Soup: $10.00 + Grilled Strip Steak: $36.00 + The Grey Stuff: $5) = $51/person, and that's...
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    Visiting a Resort without DDR

    You'll see the sign out front if there is going to be an issue. On busy weeks it will say that parking is limited to resort guests and guests with dining reservations, but the majority of the time you're good to go. If you're worried about it though or would rather not drive it's easy to park at...
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    Disney traditions Question!

    I would try asking this in the Employment/College Program board
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    Fast passes

    I don't even use FastPass half the time I'm in the parks because I end up going so last minute and I don't really have too many issues with long lines. I usually do some of the big attractions that would have long waits in the morning and late at night and it's fine. FastPasses help but in...
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    The current fastpass line for Space Mountain (2/21 at 2PM)

    It could also have been that another attraction was down, so guests who had FastPasses for it were able to use them for Space Mountain instead. That being said though in most cases when the FastPass line looks super long like that, it really isn't. The hold up is just where people are touching...
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    Working with Children at Disney

    There aren't any jobs at Disney where you could bring your daughter to work with you. The only work from home jobs I've seen are the merchandise guest services ones, but they come up so rarely on the career site that I wouldn't get my hopes up for it. I'm not sure about where to move to, I...
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    All star sports room question

    Did you speak to the front desk about this?
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    Medieval Props?

    That was my first thought. They've had a couple good vs. evil style formal events and things like that in the past couple of years, so it could be something for those.
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    I hate mobile food ordering!

    Do it when you're a couple of minutes away and walking over. When you hit "I'm here" that lets them know to start making your food. It does depend on the restaurant, how busy it is, and how fast you walk, but I usually hit it when I'm in view of the restaurant and it's ready by the time I get there.
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    Interesting fact I heard from a CM today at Magic Kingdom

    Not to completely distrust the OP here, but I think this is completely false. That's not the way the leadership in the parks is really organized and while I'm sure there is pressure on leaders to come up with new ideas I don't think it's for new attractions or anything that crazy. It's more the...
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    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    That's what it sounds like. My town is super dog friendly, many shops allow dogs to come inside, and if not they almost always have bowls outside, we have pet friendly hotels, and lots of restaurants that have outdoor seating allow dogs, many of which even have food for the dogs. I'm allergic to...
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    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    These changes are only for non-service dogs.
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